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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dreams of You... Hiding in the Tropics

One of those days... dreaming of Canes that are hiding from us somewhere out there...

Watching the ones we have that no one is interested in... but admiring all the same.

Amazing Gordon, churning in the mid-north Atlantic going major and wild.

Dropsonde readings from off the coast of Africa.

Some wierd cloud clutter catching my eye ene of Puerto Rico ... hmmmnnnn

So much to look at and yet.. nothing threatening us..

Good, good and gooder.
darn.. didn't mean to do that.. will leave it in as an 80s comment.

So... these are my pretty links for the night.. aren't they pretty. Cut and paste the cute links..

Isn't the world beautiful :)

And, somewhere tonight ... Bobbi wins. Maybe a hollow victory but not a shallow one but I did it my way...

:) nite..Bobbi


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