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Friday, September 08, 2006

Down On Their Knees - Hurricane Watch Issued for Bermuda


That's an advisory? I'm afraid to read the discussion. Again they have issued a Hurricane Watch for a Tropical Storm betting on it to intensify when it hasn't done so yet.....

This has been the season of more laid back advisories from the NHC. I've noticed that with several of the advisories. That's good. Nice to see them look more human and less like scientists... Um...wait, they ARE scientists... hmmmmnnn.

Anyway... I'm getting worried now as they have had less than a 24 hour period of Hurricane Activity and last year at this time there was over 500 hours according to The Weather Channel.

I'm worried that I will go online after Shabbos and read some advisory that reads "PLEASE FLORENCE, WE ARE DOWN ON OUR KNEES.. PLEASE INTENSIFY YOU HAVE THE ABILITY, WE KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!! "

I'm worried that Dr. Met Shrink may need to make a few house calls.

Superman told me that this is 1997.. okay it wasn't superman but well... this is not 1997 and it is some haha joke on the people who brought you Global Warming Out of the Box. Have to retool this one. I'd like to talk to Kerry Emmanuel and Company now. Probably some discussion on an attempt by mother nature to get along with father nature one more time before...

Well, anyway... so much for the tropics.

It is 1997, again. So..where's the champaign I ask? Hmmm Supersandman? Now what?

I'm cooking for shabbos.

Chicken, yellow rice (and brown rice with mushrooms) and brussel sprouts and baby carrots.

Fish and all the trimmings... all the slaws and Israeli salads money can buy.
We only eat one day a week.. may as well go all out!

Strawberries and Wine for dessert. Incredible, amazing, juicy, perfect, ripe, big, red strawberries.

Nothing on the tropical update. People I love are gone to Denver and Cheyenne.

Sort of drifting now.. drifting in a aimless pattern in endless circles of uncertainty, running down the drain in colored arangements only Michael can find, not wearing yellow slickers in the rain and somewhere over the rainbow a bluebird sings, birds fly over the rainbow why then oh why can't I?

What's that song from the movie with Olivia Newton Brown? Not Xanadu, nope, my favorite perfume when I was little.. hopelessly devoted.. to you.

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it fall... does it make a sound?

Good Shabbos to all and to all a goodnight...



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