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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hurricane Ernesto Eyes Florida?

The cutesy girl with my voice (I sound like I'm 14 in person) says, "there has been a little change to the forecast cone) and then lets everyone know they will be updating Hurricane Ernesto every hour...

A little change?

For one.. he is a full fledged HURRICANE..
For two.. we are now in the 5 day cone..
For three.. the guy who was talking just before her with his co-anchor was talking about how he wasn't ready to put up shutters yet but he may look through his supplies.

Good Morning Hurricane Ernesto!

Good Morning Hurricane Center who has now gone with the models that are beginning to come together for a path way this way somewhere... what was yesterday the right side of the Cone is now getting closer to the middle of the cone.

Gonna be a long day..

Paying bills, looking for bills, looking for money to pay bills and taking my son to a Bar Mitzah Party.. might turn the cellphone back on from "meeting mode" where it has been so I could relax. Seems "relax" time over.

Seems I will look through my hurricane supplies...

Oh gosh... I need some real coffee if I am gonna do this...

Oh.. supply I have already... few cans of Starbucks Expresso sitting on my book shelf, for those mornings you can't wait to make hot water on your little home made sterno burner ...

Wishing I was in Key West... at the little cafe across from Atlantic Shores at the end of Duval watching the sun come up with the coffee in my hand.. feeling the air rushing at me from Cuba... and Ernesto..

I want to see that movie today and I don't have time.. more later...

Bottom Line... upgraded to Hurricane, track shifted to the East.. now affecting Hispanola, shear starting to disapeer and he is suddenly moving into a very favorable environment and........NHC blinked and finally gone with a NW movement. Look at that... jim is in the Cone lol (giggling) Sorry..

And, I wonder... Oh gosh.. can this storm clip the Keys, keep Miami in the NE quarter and come in near Tampa and cross the state. IS that possible? A Donna sort of path for you old timers.

Shuky called from Israel last night, something about changing schools, this yeshiva, that yeshiva, FIU South Campus... gee I wonder where his mind is and oh by the way.. he expected Miami to get strong squalls and have to watch out for twisters in the squalls. Wonder where his mind is..... Chabad House isn't all there is out there at FIU these days.

More to follow... before I go off for a day in the park..

thoughts from last night..

Here are my thoughts from last night.. still wouldn't let me post or gremlins..which ever..

Shabbos was wonderful. Well, at least it gave me a good rest and a chance to stop and breathe a bit.

After Shabbos I heard from Ernesto! How bout that...

So... what is going to be? We will see.

Watched Norcross talk at 11pm on Ernesto and then went to bed which was nice... unfortunately some beeper went off and woke me up and here I am.. looking around online.

My thoughts?

Ernesto will most likely stay to the right side of the cone... far right as they used to say in old Cane-FSU games :)

Will see..
Here are my thoughts from tonight and I will update in the morning.

Have to go back to bed before I wonder too much on why someone was put on hold for 5 minutes to the tune of "The Sting" and imagine that was just a funny oldie goldie memory from way back in the early 70s. Funny how that song is still around.

Post below.. will update in the morning after a good night's sleep ..

Bryan Norcross was on air tonight for a special in depth look at Ernesto. I for one was grateful, a good look at the storm.

He did a very good, thorough discussion for people who have interests in the Caribbean (most of Miami) and the "general viewing area" which means... the Keys. People up north probably forget that the Keys get their TV out of Miami so it is Miami's job to give a forecast for anything that would affect them in any way. Probably, people think he is just hyping a storm. Miami is a complex community and when I take the bus in the morning... a jitney actually I hear the news from Cuba, the Caribbean and the North Coast of Haiti in both Creole and Spanish.Just a note to explain.. Norcross is not hyping a hit for Miami but giving info for those with loved ones in Cuba or back home in Haiti. Plus, if Ernesto follows the right side of the Cone (and there is every reason to believe from his track record so far he will) then we may have some impact on our weather..however small... around Tuesday.Notes below.. shorthand..sorry.. best I can do right now.stronger yet looks ragged..A little bit more rounded, burst of thunderstorm activity around the center.. Also "lifted" north today (note usage of word "lifted" carefully chosen)He is worried on flooding in Haiti.Upper Level Low looks as if it is starting to move away which is why the center of Ernesto looks a bit better on the last few frames.
Bryan is really so good, he stays on topic and doesn't let go of a topic until he is done completely.How close to Cuba is it going to be? If it stays over water and only go over a small part of land or ... go over most of Cuba. He also mentioned that the water around Cuba is very HOT.


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