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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hurricane Andrew Remembered.. vs Katrina..

Hurricane Andrew remembered... vs coverage and discussions on Hurricane Katrina.. just my opinon mind you..

I blogged a bit on Andrew earlier... How can anyone overlook such a

Recent history still sells as a very controversial event. The diaster
being one part tropical and more than one part political from
Katrina.... Breakdown of the canals and levee systems and refusal to
provide a proper eveacuation for a tragedy everyone knew was only a
matter of time.

Two totally different storms.

Andrew is and was the real hurricane story. An almost nuclear sort of
bomb in its neat, tight compact fury slamming into the sleepy hamlet of
Homestead and broke a dry spell of no storms affecting the South Florida
area for over 25 years.

Can you imagine? Miami went over 25 years without a Hurricane. If you
saw Hurricanes in the title it meant they won the National

But Miami was prepared at least for the evacuation of old retirees
living on Miami Beach, of tourists, of residents. People lined up all
along Collins Avenue and took bus after bus to the mainland. The
Dolphins Park and Ride lot on Miami Beach was filled with Fins and
Hurricane Fans being transported to safety. Shelters opened, people were
informed, prepared and a bit terrified and.......... In disbelief that a
storm would really hit Miamim

"They always turn at the last minute" was the cry of many who reminded
people of David who had tunrned.

Andrew didn't turn. It slammed into South Miami Dade like a small atom
bomb, a Category Five and taught us all a lesson. They don't always
turn. Just because you go a generation without a landfalling hurricane
does not mean you can rely on luck forever.

Is Tampa and Jacksonville listening?
Because New Orleans didn't listen.

The lack of preparation for such an event should be soul searching for
those who were in a position to do something but didn't.

Andrew was a screaming tropical event and I lay on a mattress on the
second floor of my house on Miami Beach with kids, flashlights and a
radio listening to Bryan Norcross as he talked nonsop his hoarse voice
being drowned out at times by the moaning, screaming sounds of Andrew's
shrill hurricane fury as he bent the austrailan Pine Trees a block
away...and the winds sang through their beautiful branches. With the
stronger bands you could hear the ounding of the surf carried by the
wind. What a wind.

Homestead was flattened, Miami Beach survived. We sat waiting for the
storm surge that never came, the roof never leaked (and it leaked often)
as it was a dry storm. And, Homestead had damage that Gulfport got but
was rarely seen on TV because the press was covering New Orleans more.

And truth be told.. They are two different storms and two different

After Andrew no one was prepared for the clean up. The State and Federal
Governments sat waiting for Miami Dade County to fax them requests not
realizing no one was going to work and no one had electric. Kate Hall in
her famous "send in the marines" or cavalry speech had to point that
out. In Andrew we learned the lesson of how to prepare better for a
worst case scenario storm. But.. We were prepared before the storm and
for the storm.

So, I sit here and wonder....

Is Tampa and Jacksonville paying attention? It can and will happen to

Andrew was totally amazing. It may not have been the great 1926
Hurricane that hit Miami Beach and downtown Miami as a wet, huge,
slowing moving Category Four but Andrew like all the big ones... Will be
remembered forever.



At 7:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

im trying to find out the headline of hurricane andrew can you help me with this for my homework?

At 2:02 PM, Anonymous adrielgarcia said...

katrina way more powerfulthan andrew and it cost 81.9 billions of dollars in damage and was the second most powerful in flood wise because it had the strenght to break down the leeves and also the huge eye katrina had all this makes katrina the third most deadlyest storm ever recorded in u.s history katrina was ranked number 6 of the most intense hurricane ever in u.s. and andrew was ranked 18 and because u were in that hurricane u think it was the worst one but your wrong. i have never been in a hurricane accept once but i know for a fact that im right. katrina was also ranked number 3 in the most strongest ever in u.s. and andrew was ranked 4 then katrina was ranked 2 in costliest ever in u.s. and andrew was ranked 5, then katrina was a cat 5 and was ranked 3 as the deadliest and andrew was ranked 55 out of 57 andrew had 26 deaths and katrina had 1200 katrina was still stronger even though andrew made land fall as a cat 5 and katrina cat 3, katrina made huge devastation and a storm surge of 23 ft

At 4:38 PM, Blogger BobbiStorm said...

Yes... Katrina was much larger. She impacted a much larger area and many more people.

I think I was comparing Katrina in Miami vs Katrina in New Orleans, but it's a post from a long time ago... a long time ago. Miami got hit by Katrina first, before it went to New Orleans. That happens a lot, also happened in Andrew.

The disaster though in Katrina was a levee failure, not because the storm was so strong but because the locks and levees were not properly maintained. New Orleans made it through Katrina... and then the levees failed.

Katrina made landfall further East and destroyed Waveland and other places.

You are right I was in Andrew (and Katrina in Miami) but again it was not the strength of the storm that broke the levees... the levees were not properly maintained.

Like in Miami when we lost power for weeks after a CATEGORY 1..borderline 2 storm because FPL did not maintain their lines in times of calm. What FPL was doing all day i can't say but they were not maintaining their poles or lines and the whole structure came down sadly. It should not have happened.

Katrina had a huge storm surge, but it slammed into Waveland and other places...that is the part people sadly forget.,_Mississippi#Hurricane_Katrina

26 foot storm surge...

Thank you for commenting and for reading, thank u

At 12:39 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Andrew was the big one. I cried when I saw the aftermath of Andrew. My son and his friend went to help wit the clean up. He said nothing was left standing for 9 straight miles. One interstate sign was left with the letters blown off. An entire shopping mall was lifted off it's foundation & moved elsewhere. There was marshal law. No running water to bathe with. Just a few of the miseries Andrew left.


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