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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Weather Fireworks. Hurricane Simulation. Enjoy

This is a great hurricane simulator that allows people to see what happens in a hurricane as the wind increases.

Damage in my area last year was in the 105 to 115 range according to this simulator.

I had a nice day today. We went to my sister-in-law who finally decided she HAD to have everyone over for July 4th after insisting she didn't want to. After I went to the store and bought stuff to make at home but figured.. well.. let's all be together. I went over with the kids. Zalmy and Chaim and I played in the pool which Roberta and Ronnie cooked and my mother watched on nervously.

I stared up on the float in the pool, lying there staring at the sky and quietly sang songs from "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown." Little more wind, little more rope.. Was nice, I felt way too young and had way too much fun. Okay, not really. One can never have too much fun. Next week or next month could bring rain not sun. Enjoy the sunshine while you got it!

Not a lot going on tropically. So much going on in the news.

A beautiful lift off for the space shuttle. Now that they are up there I hope they get down safely. Beautiful, really.

The Korean mess is well.. messy. But is it all hype or is there a real threat.
David Kaye on a CNN interview said that he wanted attention and he got it. That is exactly how I see it but.. how much attention does he want.

As for me. I really don't want to worry on nuclear war right now. I have something going on that is making me smile, giggle and well.. I don't want to stop smiling or giggling anytime soon.. if ever.

So Mr. Big Shot Leader of Korea.. go fly a kite and stop launching missles.
Get high some other way, go get your kicks on route 66 or... a slow road to China.

What a world we live in.. a remarkable, amazing world and everything changes so fast and it has so many wonderful ways of staying in touch that we didn't possess back in 1971 when we were worrying on Hanoi and conscription and other things like Hurricane Ginger.

Today.. you can do so many things.

Why make war when you can make love?

A great saying from way back when.. "give peace a chance" and I'd like to give a lot of things a chance right now so...

Hoping we don't get blown away by nuclear bombs or category fives or.. too much hot air from politicians.

Enjoy the simulation. Howie sent it to me and he got it from someone else and I am passing it along to you.

Live and learn.

Run from the water, hide from the wind.

If you live near the water.. run first and hide later :)


Happy 4th of July!
Going to go outside with the kids and light some sparkler and write words in the night .. light up the night in celebration of this wonderful country we live in.

(didn't tell her yet Jay, giggling)


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