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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tropical Waves

It's one of those days. One minute it's pouring. One minute it's raining.

A tropical wave mixed together with an upper level low is dancing it's way west across the general Miami area. I looked out the window towards the ocean from work and the whole sky was black. A few minutes later it was blue. A few minutes later it poured so heavy I thought it was hailing.

Watching the wave still. You may think this is tediously boring or pathetically preaching wave philosophy but this is what July is all about. And, until the waves start spinning into Storms there is all hype everywhere.

One channel said nothing was happening.
One said a lot might happen.
One said that maybe we will go with only a few named storms ?!?!? (not reliable reporting)
One said they might send planes in
One said this little wavie might run all the way home.

July is Waves Month. Waves of waves work their way west bound through the tropics.

But, one thing you learn from watching waves is that the path the waves take will soon be replaced by full grown storms with names and cords and a set of problems different from slipping through the raindrops on Lincoln Road on my lunch break.

So... the wave is not dead down in the Atlantic. Neither is the one dancing across Miami but either way this one isn't doing anything. The one down below might.

Got to run, lunch is over.

Shuky called in from Israel looking for news. He did not join the Army and is in school in Jerusalem.

More on that later

For now.. in the tropics it's all about Waves.

Waving goodbye



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