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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tropical StormBeryl & New England, About As Close As It Gets...

So, Beryl picked up speed and slid along the coast and is flirting with New England which is about as close as they get to tropical weather.

I bet the waves are beautiful. I know, it's not a Noreaster but still... it's a tropical storm in New England.

Bastardi wins this one. Well... more than 50% of a win... about as close as it gets.

What will this hurricane season bring later in the season?


Nothing seems normal. Our weather doesn't feel normal, I was talking to a friend about it today.

Miami is getting late night and morning rain in July; the type of rain we usually get on September mornings.

Enjoy the waves and the tropical poetry... the muse it brings to many an artist who watches the storm roll by.

It was this type of storm years ago that inspired Sebastian Junger to write his now famous novel, The Perfect Storm. Standing by the beach watching the waves of a storm... is what I believe it says on websites.

There is nothing as poetic or as inspiring as watching a storm roll by, a beach full of waves and that feel in the air..

So...enjoy Beryl New England. Feel the rain on your face and say hello and goodbye to the tropics. She isn't a Noreaster.. but I am sure she is beautiful.

Personally, tomorrow morning is going to be rushed. I have kids in from out of town and some of their friends are eating over. It's going to be a house full.

I think I'll cook, make an appearance, watch the fun a bit and fall asleep. It's been a real long week.

Meyer family meal. Chicken and Yellow Rice and all the Israeli salads. Deborah brought me beautiful flowers tonight and they are already on the table.

I'm tired. Waiting for Levi and Sara to drive up. Said goodbye to my brother Jay and I am falling asleep.

Good night Beryl.
Good night Burns,

Love ya,


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