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Monday, July 24, 2006

Sunday Delight While Tropics Are Quiet

Naples was incredibly beautiful.

The weather was beautiful.

The area was beautiful.

The little tin town was cute.

The ocean was awesome.

I'm exhausted in a good way. I'm also mildy sunburned :)

The ride across the glades was awesome.

The ride home featured a big, anvil shaped, thunderhead lighting up the distant sky and a million stars to stare up at in the heavens.

Great day.

Can't believe it's so close and I so rarely go.

Everyone should take a break and enjoy life a little once in a while.

Tropics are quiet with the exception of the BOC (SW Gulf of Mexico) looking like something wants to twist and shout. Maybe..

Maybe we can start the hurricane season all over again and go back to the Bay of Campeache.

I had some really great drinks also and there is something called Naples Winery... rumor has it that everyone was trying the Category 5 Sangria. If you get to Naples.. try it.

As for me.... the sunset was beautiful even if there was no real sun...just colors on the sand and silver, slivers of waves slowly moving in towards the shore at low tide.


I did feel like the music at the little Tin Town Place was a specially sent CD from Steven .. was like a soundtrack but a cute one.

love and kisses...
a sunburned Bobbi


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