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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Slow Tropics, Wave May Develop Slowly As It Approaches the Islands

Some slow development or "blow up" of the wave may occur as it nears the islands and gets past the Shear Zone. The wave hangs in and should be watched because every other wave so far as passed over Southern Florida which in my book means: Watch the Wave.

One is waving and raining currently over my house. A sudden downpour with strong winds messing up my morning commute.

Unfortunately the situation in Israel may blow up faster than my little wave.

Woke up to a text message on Israel not the weather this morning from a friend.

And, I have a son there right now who will not give me any definitive verification if he has or hasn't joined the Army there recently so.. I ain't happy.

So at the moment I would prefer the wave to rain on me and not any developments in Israel.

So like... hello.. Shuky call home.

Great time for Dina to be in Boulder staring at sunsets.

Jay is here, he looks great.

Got to get out of here, very later at this rate.

Damn, I'm rhyming.



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