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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Nothing Tropical Developing on July 4th, Blog for Jay


Okay nothing is happening tropically and I will write on that later but this post is for my brother Jay because......... everyone wants to know the same thing about my new job and so I figured I'd blog it and anyone who wants to know can read the blog.

And...truthfully there is nothing happening in the tropics.

The Weather Channel did a great story last night on the fact that there has never been anything to worry about on July 4th since they have been keeping records. Hard to believe but it seems if you want to rely on nothing being out there in the tropics you can rely on July 4th. Hard to believe but... it's that lull time between the early June storms and the real show beginning in late July and early August. Seems July 4th is a tropical free day in history.

Blog below...

I should write one long post. work early because there was no traffic on the Monday before he fourth ... so I walked over to Lincoln to get a thimble of Cuban coffee.

Mind you on Lincoln Road you CAN get a thimble of Cuban Coffee and under the little stand that sells it says, "CUBAN COFFEE" in big red letters. Real Cuban Coffee. Not like going into 'The Argentinean Place" or some Colombian or Peruvian restaurant in North Miami Beach and having to ask for a "Cortadita" or "Cafecito" and theirs taste like mud flavored Cuban Coffee. It doesn't taste the right way. It's not the same thing except to some gringo from Canada who thinks, "OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT"

Real Miami Cuban Coffee is made with brown sugar, the grinds are different the whole process is different.

When I lived in LA and I would fly in to visit on rare occasions the first thing I would do getting into the terminal is find a place that sold Cuban Coffee and slowly sip it, inhale it.. experience it, embrace it... drink it slowly all up. And, then I was home. Back in Miami.

My first day of work was fine, good... a learning experience where I am not flying on automatic.

The people are very nice. I have been there a few times before. It's one block from my father's old office and from where I spent years of my late teenage years and college years on Lincoln Road.

I'm home. On one level anyway.

And, there is so much to learn and do and it's good to be stretching my brain and learning new things in a place where everyone is thinking and working on the future and new things. The school opens in September officially and everyone is working towards a goal. There may be some problems, fears, worries and there is great excitement and expectation. It is fun to part of something new and something that is just getting off the ground and to know that something I am doing can make a big difference towards that process.. that goal.

At my old job everyone in control was in a holding pattern waiting to retire and playing a game of prevent defense where you try to make no big mistakes and just keep moving along slowly holding onto a small lead and waiting for time to run out. All the employees are sort of stuck in that mode even if they want to try something new there or take a chance. And, sometimes prevent defense wins the game but I have always hated it. You give them too many chances to gain yardage up the middle and it takes one big play and they can score big, and something quirky happens and the next thing you know the other team is about to win the game. I don't like prevent defense. But, a lot of coaches do and it usually works.

Prevent Defense is a crummy way to run a business though and it is often used and well... it's fun to be somewhere that people are building towards something vs holding on another year or two and worrying over every new project if a problem could come up and someone would complain about something.

Mind you I LOVE my old job and the people there but I was doing everything but rote and everyone there is terrified of causing a problem of some kind to deal with and it eats on you. As Pinc used to say on the weather boards of 97 "causes stress"

So... yesterday was great and my mind was busy trying to remember all the little details and understand academic phraseology that I have never heard used before.

And, the people are nice. The building is big and huge. Big and historical. Big. A maze that has to be learned like most old Art Deco buildings in Miami where over time the rooms were redesigned and There is so much work to be done on my part and I know I can do it but it's not like going to work and walking in and walking through the opening process at the library on automatic pilot. I wrote the opening process up at the library for my boss. She needed to know exactly what "we do" and I sure hope she has those notes because on days when Sue doesn't come in for some reason... Lots of Luck!

Yes, yesterday went well but it was half day and today I'm on July 4th vacation and I'll know (as Juanita says) in two weeks what it is really like.

so..stay tuned.
For now I have to read mail :) and go to the bakery or store and drink coffee and well...not much to watch on the satellite loops. There sure is a lot of shear out there. Strong winds. All the atmospheric currents are twisting and turning and swirling too strong for anything to connect at the surface.

Most will watch the unstable area in the Bahamas, the upper level low to see if it works it's way down to the surface and will be watching to see if sea surface pressures begin to drop at the surface.

Keep watching.

And, the rest of us are watching the Space Shuttle today.

Fuel tank being filled and falling foam... not a good way to start a mercury retrograde if you ask me.

I'll post later, something deep, something tropical or topical or just plain old silly. I'm on vacation today. So much to do and nothing I have to do other than figure out what I am doing today.

Ps It does occur to me now that I am slowly getting back into the Miami Beach mindset that the bright red lettering for the Cuban Coffee is to attract the tourists. Everything on Miami Beach is to attract the tourists attention. But... either way it tastes right and it's real Cuban Coffee and you can get a thimble full which is all I need, mostly to inhale it and smile.


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