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Monday, July 31, 2006

Miami: African Dust Today... A hurricane soon to follow?

The weather pattern in the short term has been set and Miami is very lucky so far to have a dry patch of air out in the Atlantic that is currenly filled with Saharan African Dust drying out the already dry air and still cool water temps because the Wave Train has begun and the Hurricane Center's Jet Planes may be leaving as well to check on a tropical wave currently approacthing the islands.

Sometimes the models bring it north this way.. other times they take it south through the Caribbean.

Either way.. a model without a true point of beginning is just a shot in the dark or one step above shooting the breeze on the front porch of the NHC... just talk.

But...where there is talk.... there is something going on and something might go on later today. Probably not..probably later in the week with the next wave but when you have a tropical wave that despite negative conditions all week has managed to stay alive and maintain a circulatory signature.. it bears watching most carefully.

And, they are......... watching.

May I say right here, right now before I go further.

There are two men, two weathermen who I want to thank for always being
here to make me smile and be thankful for good friends.

One is Jim Williams. There is no one I know more dedicated to the study
of hurricanes than he is and.... He may not work at the NHC but he could
as he knows his storms, storm people, storm trackers and storm chasers.
And we all respect him greatly.

Next is Howie at HRD who has spent the most amazing lifetime studying
and watching them from all directions....inside and out and helped so
many young people of all sexes and backgrounds grow at HRD and other
agencies and jobs.

Two incredible examples of dedicated and admired men I am honored to
have as friends.

As for Chris......... Well.........sigh....... What can I say that has
not been said? It is a question for hurricane therapists to debate for
the next week or so.... Is he or isn't he here? To be or not to be...
That is the question.

It was suggested at that Chris is here but he
doesn't know it yet. My response stands. Poor Chris sometimes doesn't
know which way is up without a dropsonde to tell him.

According to the NHC the planes might go in and check his pulse... Hope
he's not dreaming while they go in to look.


Anyway..moving on.

Pink rosy sunrise in Miami colored by Saharna dust.

And you know what I say... Wither the dust goest so do the Canes. The
wave train has started and models develop a Cat 1 Cane in 120 hours from
the last run.

As always time will tell.

Martin Mercer's article in the Miami Herald today warns of health
related problems in the Miami area as a possiblity for asthmatics because of the dust.

May I add the dust is a good sign tropically to reorder your inhalers and any
medications you may need in case of a hurricane in the not so distant

Keep watching... We have not yet made it through July without seeing

Bobbi, on South Beach listening to good music, drinking a cortadito and
watching the milky, dusty skies out over the water and posting from Kafka's Bookstore on my way to work.


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