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Thursday, July 27, 2006


A really wonderful, beautiful thing happened yesterday.

It wasn't tropical. It wasn't even really topical.

It was just sort of wonderful.

My daughter-in-law gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in NY yesterday.

I'm so excited. I have a granddaughter :)

This is so cool.

I went to Baby Gap this morning and bought every pink thing on the clearance rack in the size 0 to 3 months :)

Then.. I went somewhere else and kept buying.

Oh..and got Dovid this little blue and green fish Jimmy Buffett sort of shirt.

And................oh this is so cool.

So, this blog will return when I am more normal and able to think tropics or topics or anything but pink. I bought a little pink bracelet at Bayside this morning just to wear pink.

Girls Rock :)

Girls just want to have fun...

And, I packed up the little hot pink shorts from the GAP into a little Victoria Secrets bag :)

Bobbi has a granddaughter and she is so excited.

May all babies everywhere be happy, healthy and wise..

Check back tomorrow on those waves that don't convect and those blobs of showers in the Gulf of Mexico.


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