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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Is Beryl Bastardi's Storm?

Is Beryl Bastardi's Storm?

And, more problematically she moving too slow?

That's my tropical question this morning.

Early in the pre-season forecasting frenzy Joe Bastardi predicted New
England would be open for tropical troubles. He took a hit the size of a
linebacker by other hurricane trackers for his media catching New
York/New England predictions which were written off by many as hype and
sound bites designed to catch a hungry media's attention.

I've learned to watch Bastardi the way I watch Drudge. I don't believe
everything I read but I've learned in life where there is smoke there is
fire and there is a method to their madness.

Miss Beryl is dancing way too slow over unusally warm water and swirling
almost indecently too close to the coastline for my taste in tropical
drama. From the radar sites in all the big metropolitan East coast
cities this morning you can watch Beryl move those hips and she may be
doing a more entrancing dance than Shakira.

You see..... Tropical storms are not supposed to go slow and shift
their track a bit west and do a slow intensification this far north.
She is supposed to be speeding up forward speed and losing her intensity
and be suddenly looking off to the NE to rush off and out to sea.

Beryl it seems is not playing by the rule book.

As a storm tracker that makes me go "hmmnnnn" and I bet its making
Bastardi go "Hmmmmnnnn" and I cam hear Mr. Drudge's beady little mind go
"Hmmmnnnnnnn" because Mr. Drudge is one of the best "hmmmmmnnners" out

She is teasing the forecasters moving her hips a little too much to the
left (west) and not playing the game by their more proper climatological
playbook. Go to their site and notice they left the door open for
additional watches to be posted if this leftward trendy dance

As for me I am watching and anyone to her north should be watching most
carefully. In fact if I was up on Martha's Vineyard right now I'd turn
my cute little head to the left and go "Hmmmmnnn, what a delightfully
bad girl the B Storm is being.

Oh yes... I am sure she will eventually go east out to sea but what
trouble will those hips do before she does? I bet ya Chris and Eric are

Personally, I hope my son Levi gets in from NY okay tonight withut any
weather delays.

I hope by brothers make it through the day without killing each other
over the question of what is Real Country Music. I'm fine with Old
School or KISS Country on the radio. Its true the old adage. You get
two Southern Jews together and you get three opinons on country music.

As for me..heading south in the rain this morning.. I'm singing Lonesome
Highway and I have a bit of Coal Miners Daughter stuck in my head this
morning as well... And wanting to move my hips like Shakira and Beryl.

And a very special thank you to my sneaky, spooky friend for making me a
better writer all the time. This message was brought to you from Care
Africa and my sidekick as my electric went out from the storm this
morning just as I was about to hit send on blogger. Nah, don't worry..
It came on just as I was walking out the front door. Thank you FPL for
all that you do so well.

Hmmmmmnnnnn Bobbi!



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