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Friday, July 21, 2006

Beryl Hits New England (how bout that?)

Wow. Tropical Storm Beryl really does officially hit New England. Is this an official landfall?

This was from an ABC news article earlier this morning:

BOSTON Jul 21, 2006 (AP)— Tropical Storm Beryl made landfall on Nantucket early Friday, bringing a steady, driving rain and whipping winds to coastal Massachusetts.
The storm's center hit around 3 a.m., said Jack Beven, hurricane specialist with the National Hurricane Center.

Well, Jack Beven wouldn't say it if he didn't mean it. He's good. I'll take his word for it.

Which means of course that Bastardi was right and begs the question "What else did Bastardi say?"

I guess I'll have to type my way over to and see what his predictions were officially vs all the hype of NEW YORK, NEW YORK.. WHAT A WONDERFUL TOWN!! That was what got posted around the media world though I do believe he said that this year (for numerous reasons and words) would be a year that the area from the Mid-Atlantic to New York to Boston and beyond have a greater chance for landfalling storms. Who ever expected the second storm of the season to hit land and hit New England? Well, I guess Bastardi did :)

Maybe South Florida will get lucky and we will have a chance to recoup and rest. Doubt it. Possible.

Who knows?

As for me...

Making Shabbos for my son Levi and his girlfriend Sara and their friends and assorted family.
Week 2 of the Shabbos Reunions at the Meyer House.

You know the drill ..
Gefilte Fish/Assorted Salads
Chicken/Yellow Rice
Challah/Wine* note to Bobbi.. buy some good wine.
Some kind of dessert such as Cake or Cherries or both.

And... life goes on.. and on...

And, in the far, distant Atlantic.. a wave swirls westward bound.

And, in Miami it is pouring... maybe, just maybe another weak storm will form from the tail end of the frontal boundary hanging draped across the region.

Dina is in Malibu for Shabbos. Lucky her.
Shuky is in Jerusalem.. Mommy davens for him...
And, Levi is home.

Drudge has a great image on the cover of his site today. Heavy, hard to look at and affects us all in ways deeply. The war goes on. You gotta have heart in this crazy world of ours and Matt Drudge has heart.

Good Shabbos,



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