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Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day .. a few days before the Hurricane Season

It's one of those 3 day weekend Monday's when you wish you had a good week of this because you want to squeeze in having fun with all the stuff you have to do.

Memorial Day. Moving Day for many or in my case.. "finishing making the move" day. Promised my gem of a landlord I'd try to get it done and I will try. Debating already whether to order in food or take my son to the restaurant directly. All the kids who promised to help are of course nowhere to be found or asleep. I sit listening to Shakira on VH1 while the Hurricane Season of 2006 lies just dangling beyond the flip of the calendar.

I love to dance. I dance like that actually... well never did get the belly dancing thing down but... boy can I dance.

And... I have notes upon notes to type up for Shuky my son and Sharon my best friend and Jim from the Hurricane Conference I attended last week. So many subjects to think on from the way all those little cells in the eyewall form or don't form and what makes them come together and explode the way they do..and they do.

Amazing imagery the last few years of those eye wall images and those devil like stars that contain the strongest cells. Haven't you all had fun watching, you storm watchers?

How does it feel to look into the eyes of a Cane and know there is such power there that was always known but never seen in such a visual way?

How does it feel to think you know so much about how a Storm thinks, breathes, moves and know you don't really know anything at all. You just thought you did and as you take the pieces of the puzzle and rearrange them back and forth trying to make some sense of it all...

You think you know so much................ yet you don't. Not really.

The ultimate unknown. Still.

And, you sit at your computer desk, typing away, tapping, playing with that mouse until you break it again and again for the 500th time and you do your calculations and run your programs, watch the models and memories in your head spinning around and around and thinking over years of history and all the historic tracks out there... with only the last 35 years or so of important data that can really be used and know you know nothing at all.

Because, in order to really know a Cane.. a Storm.. you have to go into the eye, touch the storm, feel it's fever and hear it's wild wind, it's shrieking sounds.... to really know a storm, you have to be where the storm is... otherwise you are just dreaming, studying, fantasizing and wishing on moonbeams.

Like some daydream dreamer with his eyes closed watching sailboats glide around a perfect sea in the summer sunshine of his clouded mind. Real in your head but when you open your eyes.. it's so far away and it doesn't really exist.

Well, this is Hurricane Country as Jim calls it. The Real World.

We had a bad year, we had a bad day, last year... and the year before... will this year be the same or will they all form and be fish storms curving out to sea?

Stay tuned... keep watching... be kind to your mouse it's tired of taking the brunt of your frustrations.

Get out, feel the wind, touch the storm and listen to it's heart beat.

I'm going to go do a few things today. Clean up. Start over. Plan for Shavous. Write even.

I'm sorry, but Woundsocket sounds like it should be in Georgia. Landlocked. Not me... if I am going to live somewhere it will be by the sea, the everchanging sea and sky.

Love BobbiStorm
Ps. I know. I am mixing my metaphors but they are my metaphors to mix and muse as I see fit.


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