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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hurricane Season 2006 Begins

Will it be a sequel to 2005 and 2004 or..........a whole new ball game?

Will see. As Jimmy Buffett, the patron poet and song writer of most of us hurricane people always sings...

Only Time Will Tell.

But will Will Tell?

That is what I wonder...

Well, William Gray tells and he tells a tale of tropical fever that is extremely contagious for fellow tropical weather watchers.. He predicts many tropical hurricane days or his student Phil does...

So many changes this year.

Seems so many of us are changing jobs, making changes.. moving on...

But, no matter where we move... or what we do or where we go to work... we are always watching, always tracking, always comparing and contrasting this storm with another storm, another year, another track and always sharing info ..

Wearing a nice shirt from the Governors Hurricane Conference tonight... cool, comfortable and has a nice little embroidered hurricane symbol on it. My shirt of choice at the moment.

And.. you know what Anais Nin said about that... I reserve the right to change my shirt often whenever I want or well..something like that.

But Anais only had to worry on Henry Miller and he didn't do hurricanes though I bet if he did..he would describe them down to the smallest detail in his incredible way with prose. Somehow, I bet if Anais could she would... do hurricanes. The girl loved anything that flowed, water, air... her descriptions of forest fires in the Hollywood Hills is one of the best I have ever seen... maybe she did see a storm down in Mexico or somewhere but... I'm in agreement with Anais... life needs to flow like the water... always moving, like the wind...........rushing through you you...

If things didn't flow... this wouldn't be a very nice planet to live on.

Ever stand still in Death Valley under the hot sun painting shadows on the desert floor? I have.

Trust me world.. you want the transfer of moisture and energy from the tropics up to the artic or we would all be spending a cold day in hell in a world without hurricanes.

And, in case Sharon is reading this... Dave Schwartz just showed a picture of boats docked in Portland, Maine and just said how beautiful Portland is :)

I hope and pray this year shows no horrible disasters from hurricane landfalls. I hope that the scientists at HRD/NOAA gather more information that helps them modify hurricanes in the future or better predict where they will go and how strong they will be.

As for those global warming fans.. worry more on weather and leave the climate to those who will be studing it over the next few decades and ...

As for me... most likely I will have a new perch to view the ocean from on my lunch break this hurricane season... one of the best places in the Miami Beach area to feel the wind blow at you, tug at your skirt..your clothes... and watch the surf as a hurricane glides by (hopefully recurving out to sea) but more on that later.

Stay safe... keep a good sense of humor and a good supply of batteries...

Y'all know where to find me in 2006...

Only Time Will Tell...

And, we won't tell anyone about that toast that was made to the hurricane season of 2006 :)


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