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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hurricane Research 50th Anniversary

I will blog on this more later. I just wanted to mark the fact, the milestone and to say I was very lucky to be able to attend a series of lectures on that topic.

An incredible afternoon of speeches by Dr. William Gray about the old days of his research onboard planes and flights that were taken while he was stationed on the Azores Islands at air bases there. About how the Storm Fury program was developed that sounded more like Indiana Jones than what we think of today.

From Professor Hugh Willoughby to Nick Shay to Christopher Landsea speaking on the past, present and future of hurricane research to an audience of their peers without media or people passing through was a rare and golden opportunity.

I was invited by a friend who works at HRD to attend

and he promised me I would love some of the sesssions and he was right. I did. I took so many notes.

And, I sussessfully didn't knock any important people over trying to get coffee and cookies during the break. Being squeezed between Bob Burpee and William Gray makes you feel as if you have landed in the land of Weather Oz.

William Gray is funny and an amusing speaker... with a wonderful memory for detail on the early days.

I'll post more on this later. I just wanted to mark the spot and the date and say...

Wow.. very wow... very wild way to start the 2006 Hurricane Season for me.



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