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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Avrohom Eliezer Goldman aka Avremie Goldman

Tonight in NY is a gathering in honor of the memory of Avremie's life and to raise money for kids to go to camp in a special scholarship made in his memory.

He was like a younger brother to me for a few short years when I was living in his mother's house in Crown Heights.

He had an infectious smile, a beautiful voice, a smart mind and a good soul. He touched many hearts in his lifetime.

I was away in the big city studying at Beth Rivkah Teacher's Seminary and I was missing my brothes Jay and Ronnie in Miami and... Avremie became like a surrogate baby brother or sorts. He made me laugh, he teased me with silly things at the Shabbos table or playing with the many locks on the kitchen door. He had the best smile. He went all over town to find tefillin for my brother Jay as a favor to my father who wanted a good pair at a good price that was kosher.

The Goldman home was my home. It still feels like my home even though I rarely visit but when I close my mind I am back downstairs with my best friend, us talking downstairs and running up stairs in our 1970s platform heels to get coffee quick before going to school.

Donate to the camp fund and you will help a child have a wonderful experience this summer and memories to remember forever.

As for me... I'm going to do to some things today that must be done. Mail some things. Sign some papers. Try and get the stuff moved out of the old house and into the new house. Take a shower. Daven. Say Tehillim. Give Tzedakah. Go to the beach and take some pictures. And..............debate what to make/do for Shavous.

KISS as a good friend taught me... Keep It Simple Silly... Might buy cream cheese cake spread and put it on Graham Crackers. Worked during the hurricanes last year, was good... why not do it on purpose? Lox and Bagels. Will see.. I'll figure it out.

Have a good week... give what you can and do it now... don't delay. Chances only come by once in a lifetime sometimes and then they are gone.. whoosh with the wind.

Always, Bobbi

Money horded is money in a bank that sits gathering interest until you die.. money given for tzedakah, charity gets spread around encouraging small things to grow.


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