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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Nuts & Bolts & Estimated Bill of the Passover Seder at UF Chabad

One wonders how Chabad Houses on campus do what they do?

Sometimes I know it seems like they just throw pot luck together with no planning or clue what they are doing relying on some "blessing from the Rebbe" in a wing and a prayer manner.

No, it takes a lot of planning and a few prayers answered. Blessings always help as do dollars. Thoughts are wonderful but actions speak louder and go further when paying the bill for Passover.

This is a breakdown of what it cost to put on Passover at the University of Florida's Chabad House. AKA

Passover Seders & Activity Budget

Matzah Shmurah 150 pounds $1,650
Wine 35 cases $2,100
Grape Juice 30 cases $1,440
Maror, Karpas & Ka-arah $475
Haggadahs 300 booklets $450
Tableware $1,200
Serving Bowls, trays, utensils $800
Shulchan Oruch (main meal) $9,500 (all the fixins and dessert)
Drinks $500
Trucking/shipping to UF $1,600 (refrigerated and dry)
Waiters, setup & cleanup $600
Passover "how to guide" $1,300
Matzah gift packs $3,200

Total $24,815
Maos Chitim
special passover grants for
needy students $4000

Grand Total: $28,815

Don't ever think Chabad does a pot luck, wing and a prayer program.
We are more organized than we look. Though sometimes opening up the pantry and using everything in site for an unplanned event works wonders..that's how my son Moishe's bris was at Chabad Russian Center in LA.. and he wasn't even directly from Russia, generations removed. There is always an exception to the rule but in general.. pulling off a Passover Seder whether at home or running a Chabad House takes a lot of planning.

I know.. I ran a Chabad House years ago.. though I have to tell you we did more winging it back then and it wasn't as organized but there were lists, there were a lot of guests and it was a real success... based on prayers, blessings and down the road donations.

No Chabad House turns students away or charges or forces kids to make reservations... though it is nice to have a clue who is coming..there are always surprises and at the end... a sense of satisfaction for a job well done and the happy faces on people and the connection and bond you have established. A real sense of Ahavas Yisroel and a job well done.

So... please help if you can and if you haven't given to the needy this holiday of Passover. It may change forever the life of one student, far from home and far from their parents and grandparent's Passover Seder. A link in the chain.. keeping history and tradition alive.
Whether you are a Gator or a Panther .. donate. I'm a Panther personally but I donated to UF in the honor of a much loved and remembered Gator.

check out the great pic of Rabbi Levi and Sashie Friedman bringing a unique warmth and enthusiasm to FIU-Chabad at Purim... hint..they are Queen Esther and you know who :)


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