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Monday, April 17, 2006

A Big Mitzvah on Pesach to Give Charity... Gator or FIU Chabad Needs U

I received a really good letter explaining the breakdown in expenses that the University of Florida-Chabad has in making community sedorim for the kids there.

It's awesome. Mind boggling.

Unlike our days traveling through the desert Wine, Matzah and various things that are used for the Sedor Plate don't just fall out of the sky onto the front lawns of Chabad Houses. And, yet never are kids turned away from joining in a Seder.

Often, on a faith based system called "emunah" everyone is fed and there is emunah that somehow the money will come..

Either way the returns are not in monetary denomination but in the future of young Jewish kids on campus who are away from home and trying to find themselves. Hopefully, while trying to find themselves, their majors, their mates and their new lives they will not lose sight of who they are.. Jews.

Believe it or not... that simple fact is hard to lose track of on most college campuses and remembered too late when it is hard to untie the bonds of lives built over time to find your way home to that child who stood to be Bar Mitzvahed long ago before beer bashes and fraternity parties and a million and one religous groups try to convert jewish kids. Happens. Especially on campus.

I know here my kids, my kids raised in Chabad have kept connected locally at FIU
Chabad, a young, growing program. They do a beautiful job.

But.. the program at UF is massive and serves close to 300 students on a regular shabbos.. the number served over the holidays like Passover is mind boggling.

I only wish it was there when I had my own friends there at UF and well.. it might have changed many a world if it had been there.

They still drink beer mind you but now they do it fahrbregen style and stay connected in ways that previously were impossible.

Takes thousands of dollars just to pay for the grape juice bill. Wine. Matzah. Haggadahs. Eggs and Potatoes. Chicken and Fish... Drinks...

I wish I could find the breakdown but trust me... it was awesome.

So...if you haven't given to a charity for Passover.. to help others have and make Passover.. please do so now by donating to Chabad of UF.. or even FIU Chabad.

It's important to me in more ways than I can say that this message gets across..

From my heart, Bobbi
donate page:
click on donate in upper left corner...
those girls are my daughter and her best friends... don't they look happy?

I know a few kids who went this year and enjoyed the program at "The Rabbi's House." Rabbi Friedman and his beautiful wife who cooks incredible put on a wondeful program for the kids, a warm place to hang.. which is indeed what most kids that age need. A place where they can feel comfortable, feel at home and loved. Don't we all need that?

look.. my daughter is somewhere on this page, making a mask for Purim

We all need love so badly. I know I do. I'm sure you do too...

Thanks for listening to this unpaid but political announcement..

I will try and find that breakdown of what it took to make the Passover Seders at UF.. think something like $28,000.. a whole lot of grape juice going round...


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