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Monday, April 24, 2006

Addicted to an Artist - Or the Monday Morning Blues

Addicted to an artist and I'm not talking Matisyahu as much as an artist of another kind and I have the Monday Morning Blues.. which means that I suddenly want to stay home or go somewhere that I can write, write, write... read, surf and then write again.

It's a horrible thing to behold when a muse becomes addicted to her artist. Sort of like a Jeannie in a Bottle who can't say F U and go into her bottle and ignore her Master... a symbiotic relationship where Jeannie wants to do anything for Tony when she is not royally pissed off at him. And, then when pissed off..she wants to do more to him. Maybe because only way she won't hear him calling is if he is shivering his butt off in Greenland, Iceland or Mt. Washington.

"Haha, I can't hear you.. your cellphone seems to finally have lost it's signal or does someone else have your cellphone." giggling.

Okay, so a bit addicted this morning and there are a million things I want to check out, look into and I want to tap my fingers on this keyboard faster than Matisyahu is beat boxing on the ITunes... gosh I could scare the hell out of some people at an Apple Store right now.. might empty the place. All those people running out to Starbucks afraid the mad typer is going to lose it any minute and go postal. I don't go postal.. I'm a writer .. I write.. I post.

Got a great lesson in history and finances yesterday.

After a long ride and a brunch with Sharon (everyone knows her name is Sharon so let's get over it here .. ).. tried to explain to Sharon that its all about the bottom line. Money. I need money. She needs money. If we had money we would take off time from work and do our thing. Okay..she does take time off from work but she has all those Aquarius planets and I am spelling things badly and digressing..

Bottom line: Money or lack of it is stopping me from doing what I want to do at the moment. Lack of money is stopping her from doing what she needs to do and wants to do... pay her mortgage, stay in Maine and go shopping and spend more money in Maine. She should go to New Hampshire.. isn't it tax free there? If I ever move to Maine to be closer to her and haha closer to Mt. Washington I will bring this up with her..

Elections... bottom line. It's always about money.

Bitch about money. Point out where the money trail wanders. Find the money. Spend the money. Scare the money out of people.

Money and Fear is what drives politics.

A great man once said "we have only to fear but fear itself" Okay, I paraphased that badly probably but I can remember my uncle telling me that over and over at Hojo late at night while he was in some back room, boiler meeting over local politics with the mayor or a half a dozen commissioners and I was busy sipping my chocolate chip ice cream soda. We have only to fear.. fear itself. Then again sometimes what we fear hits us in the eye like a Keystone Kop surprise.. frozen Keystone Kop Surprise...

People in America live in fear, are bathed in fear and politicians prey off of that fear. The world loves America only because we own the military hardware and they fear they will get on the list of have-nots so they like us, they really, really like us to quote Sally.... or more so...they pretend to like us in the way that Lucy tries to explain to Charlie Brown or Charlamaigne Brown that Snoopy only likes him because he feeds him. Snoopy loves Charlie Brown the song goes... he feeds Snoopy. Duh..

Clinton remembered the bottom line when he reminded himself over and over it was the economy dummy... the economy. Keep your eye on the bottom line...

Fear and Dollar Signs = How Politics Work

While reading a local paper out of California I thought on this the other day.

I remember.. once upon the time, long ago in a land called yesterday there was talk that Rob Reiner would run for Governor of the great Bear State of California and maybe that was just talk but while the talk was out there... the possibility of it even happening the made the Great Arnold nervous.. he was scared of him. Arnold had something to fear.

Like some old fashioned check and balance system... Arnold worried a bit that someone could out talk him, out act him and out brain him. Maybe mind you if that happened some small minded little politician that no one knew but with a good plan might have slipped in hidden between the two personalities but we will never know.
Because the moment that Mr. Reiner made it clear he would not run he became suddenly fair game.. a clear duck to shoot at in the verbal mind game that is going on out there where they are trying to convince people that free pre-school for children would be a BAD bad idea... or at least a bad idea for the people with the money who don't want to see any of it go to helping those without enough funds to send their children to the nice, posh, playschools of Beverly Hills and Beverly Glen and Bel Aire. All the children in plush, posh playschools in the heights of Beverly Hills.. the politically correct part not the part down by Pico Robertson but the really political correct zipcodes don't need to worry about as they have pre-school, they have nannys and they don't need free pre-school.

They don't need... they don't want to part with their dough and they are trying to convince the rest of the populace that breathing clean air is a bad idea and that fish don't need water to swim ... they need fins silly, the water isn't really the issue.

Duh... the great blonding down of Los Angeles... too much bleach to try and cover up dirt..

Sling the dirt, point fingers, complain about money that is supposed to be used for children that was used for children... lunacy that only makes sense in California in the Fear State but whether Arnold is in Germany or in California he is using the oldest tactics in the book...

Fear and making people with money worry on the bottom line and he is trying to convince all the single mothers and struggling two parent families who try desperately to figure out what to do with their children until they are old enough that they HAVE to go to school and they are forever out of the loop kept down but the basic economic bottom line of the have nots vs the haves... those with money holding onto their money not wanting Rob to rob their money and give it to the poor little kids who need and trying to explain how all the kids who really NEED are already in Head Start...

Fear... Arnold is spreading fear and this isn't Nazi Germany but he is spinning a good yarn and I can promise you that any children Arnold has are well placed in all the proper, politically correct, plush, poshest, pre-schools...

And... he didn't put his boxing gloves on until Mr. Reiner decided not to run and took off the boxing gloves and said all he wanted to do was ... do his thing and try to make a difference and not really run for Governor.

Arnold doesn't want to make a difference... he wants to run for President one day..and after he gets down with California he will try and convince the American public that the idea of a foreign born person running is STUPID and you know what?

If he can convince the dumb but beautiful people of California that free pre-school for all children to really give them a 'head start' is a BAD idea.. he can convince this crazy, fear driven nation of people in the post 911 world that we should change this law too...

Foreign owned ports is bad.... foreign born presidents is good... no problem... not a problem...

Come on Arnold.. you can do it...

Take off your boxing gloves..stop worrying on the environment (trees are okay to worry on but not pre-schoolers?? and show your real colors... you want to run for the greatest office in the land...the red, white and blue office of President of the United States of America.

Maybe if that happens I will leave... I'll make Aliyah... or... move to Canada. Cheaper to make films and some really cute Native Americans up there.. really trust me I know.

Good song.. what I'm fighting for is better than silver or gold...
Matisyahu... sing the song..
United we thrive.. divided we are drivin by fear... fear of the bottom line.

Arnold Alchemy of some kind..

Just an example...
He had everything to fear and then he had nothing to fear..and then he spread fear..

Y'all better hope that Hilary and Condi do a good job because if they don't... Arnold is waiting in the wings..

Bobbi... thinking on history, artistry and
Erase the demons from our memory.. why is everyone always chasing me
Jerusalem.. if I forget you..

forgive me ... I just had to
Bobbi :)

Wow.. I'm awake .. haha ;)

Going to jump in the shower, go daven fast... and get on da bus...

not okay... aint no one gonna break my stride, aint no one gonna pull me down

ps... I screwed up royally on the music message board and the song I like is WP and ... the RedSox won... another reason to move to Toronto.. can watch the Redsox when they come to town.. shoot, darn.. shaking my head and laughing. Gonna be that kind of day huh?


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