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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Subject to change upon the whim of Bobbi
1 Buy a new long phone cord

2 Write

3 Figure out what I am making for shabbos.. shop if necessary

4 Give Elisheva a check

5 Go over bills and calendar

6 Stay on diet..find instant food with 130 calories

7 Make a preliminary possible Pesach list

8 Figure out dinner...easy, cheap, easy... junkie make them happy

9 Email kids for updated list of their favorite, most used, current email names and cell phone numbers.

10 Find a notebook I want to use... make a decision.

11 Be happy

12 Write

13 Do something outrageous

14 Send Sharon clipped articles

15 Send card to "crazy friend"

16 Make up a Plan A, B and C

17 Write... be silly and work on story

18 Find a way to convince kid NOT to knock out my phone cord to laptop

19 Win lottery, get new laptop and apartment in NY.

20 Bug oldest son to send me a CD of his latest show

21 Ask him if he wants to keep youngest son for a few weeks while I get on a greyhound or a train and WRITE for a week

22 Ask Steven if I can hide at his house up on the hilltop ... will let him read what I am writing. He needs to be inspired too.


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