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Friday, March 24, 2006

Random Thoughts From a Reference Desk

Was a good day all in all.

Read a lot. Got a lot done. Helped a lot of people.

Stared at and flirted with a very cute guy. Handsome. Maybe gorgeous.

Best part was ... he flirted back.

Not really flirted as much as talked and smiled and hung around to smile some more.

The weather part was a bit fishy... I mean he knew the proper way of saying late night and early morning low clouds and fog.. and knew Dr George but well.. point is.. point was.. it made me smile.

As for life... the world... weather...

Cool front came through.. maybe one of our lasts.. so we needs to enjoy it fast before the hot, humid summer sets in.

Read the news today.. lots of news.. local, international...

Occurs to me that people love to complain just to get in the news. I suppose feeling any publicity is good publicity.... you have Jennifer Aniston bitching about the failure of her last movie and projecting her own problems onto those around her playing the name game because she has lost her little hunky boyfriend to a woman of talent and substance. Really pathetically sad.. I hope I never sink that low in life.. Maybe Michael Douglas wants to work with her but unless he is doing situational lite comedy .. if I were him and wait to see when Brad Pitt's baby's mother is ready to act again. Anyway........just my little need to vent and comment on people playing the blame game................ Hey it's my blog..


Shabbos Menu
cole slaw
chicken with baby red potatoes and baby carrots
something else.. maybe corn pudding
chocolate cake for dessert..

Cholent with lamb meat and barley and sweet potatoes

Hey.. I'm looking forward to it...

As for the rest of you out there in blog land..

Do Acts of Goodness and Kindness and don't stoop so low as to project your problems on others.

Bobbi :) (was a good day, can you tell???)


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