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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Purple Brick Road - Links to My World


I woke up this morning, groggy, sleepy, unable to wake up and not very motivated.

A bit down.

I wrote a nonsensical poem just to prove to myself that I am still capable of doing so and sent it off to one of my writin' buds. Okay, it wasn't that bad.. maybe I'll share it here:

Staring at an empty page
I can't even stand the way the font looks
plain and gray
and way too small to see
boring and simple
and wishy-washy
so I click on a link
on the invisible web
that takes me away
to anonymity
Dealt with some bitchy, annoying but well meaning lady at my son's school who informed me that the sweet sixteen year old has surpassed his allotted absence days and so I informed her that "fine, now he will miss tomorrow too as I will have to send him down to Miami Beach to his doctor to get a doctor's note." She signed him out. So, now he is home playing Mario and making shnuffing sounds as he plays.

Got a phone call from an old bill collector from a bill that has been paid and told her that "No, I would not go get all the information and fax it to her" because I don't know where it is and I don't have a fax machine and I have no time in my life to deal with this... and gave her the number of my attorney who got paid well to do that if she doesn't take my word.

So... as of tomorrow.. there will be a doctors note and a laywers note I guess.

Everyone needs a note from some important person with a title and my title is "Mommy" which it seems is not enough.

I started out the day on astrodienst finding out I have a restless spirit today. Wow.. who knew?

I had already checked Hayomyom on my phone but the font was too small so I checked it here on and found out whats going on in the hood... my hood but not where I am. Where I would like to be. Bagel Shop on Kingston Avenue watching the world go by and watching all the strange wierd types who look like they should be in the library killing time. The busy ebb and flow of life on Kingston Avenue.. everyone is in a rush except when they stop to talk.. the coffee isn't that great but the vegetable cream cheese rocks big time.

Next... I read about the eclipse tomorrow... goes right over the Holy Land, Africa and parts of Lower Europe. Hey.. I made a new term "lower europe" I like that. Check it out on You wondered what we do during the Off Hurricane Season...?? Now you know...

I wrote Shayna my daughter and she should be calling me any minute on the cell.

Now days when a truck sounds outside we don't think it's FPL we assume it's part of ongoing building of the mini-mansion across the street. Trucks rumble rumble rumble. No commas.

I could go to and stare at the coffee and pretend mine is Sedona but it's not. My coffee grinder broke. Everything in this world has an inner essence, an inner soul... well seems my coffee grinder bit the dust. Shame... cause I don't do well with stale coffee from Maxwell or Chase and Sandbox coffee.. I found an old small, one time serving of the only small, one time serving coffee I have left that has been hermetically sealed and still air-tight so........ I am currently sipping Jack Daniels Flavored Coffee.. Yaakov Doniel? lol Not that great but better than instant. Starbucks makes good music.. love breathing coffee fumes and staring at their CDs. Maybe I should go there and try to write today... Shame cause my ex-boyfriend I broke up with last year has 3.. count em THREE coffee grinders sitting on his kitchen window sill and sure he would love to come over and drop off one of them to talk but I am not going there... nope. Shame. I should have taken the green one when he offered it...

Anyway, walking down the purple brick road of Bobbi's life....

Signed up here and gave them my input.. give them yours.. give it a try..

Lord Raise Me Up from the Ground... I said Lord Raise Me Up from the Ground.. I've been here tooo long... (favorite song off of Stubb's CD I think... well that and the one where he sings Bim Haye Rah B.. well you listen...

got to give yourself up to become whole..
great song... these two back to back I could sit groovin all day listenin

I sing to my God songs of Love and Healing and I want Moshiach now so it's time to start revealin'

So.. I wonder how some blogger actually started a blog trying to figure out if Matis was a Moshiachist lol........... would have helped if all those people had like actually listened to Live At Stubbs lol. Giggling..

Oh I'm feeling better now.. got tears in my eyes.

Oh, and Shuky checked in from Eretz Yisroel. I have to remember to ask my older son the music producer lol to send the little yeshiva boy a copy of Youth cause he doesn't make a lot of money in the kitchen and this is what I found out yesterday after work talking to my son in Eretz Israel.

1) He feels VERY safe at Ohr Sameayah cause there are soooo many police on their street every day. Why? Cause its on the border between the Jewish part of Jerusalem and the Arab City so they have a lot of police protection so he feels much safer. He can see the Arab part of the city from his bedroom window. Nice.. don't I feel better.

2) He sat up on the wall somewhere (where you are allowed... he says) looking down on the Old City and watching the sunset yesterday while some friends from America were getting a tour around.

3) He may stay through May until after the Yom Tovim.. High Holidays and then see..

4) He spent Simchas Torah last year with Matisyahu and friends downing a bottle of Vodka and then they helped lift eachother up to kiss the Sefer Torah and he's a cool dude.. living there, in Crown Heights where I could be getting bagel with cream cheese and drinking coffee writing on a big pad not my computer but I am digressing. Actually, Matis is on tour which means somewhere he is probably also wishing he was on Kingston Avenue watching the world go by...

where was I?

5) He is going to spend Pesach somewhere down in the South and he doesn't mean Savannah. Shayna knows where.. imagine it is as safe as anywhere... Shayna knows EVERYTHING.. she is better than for the Meyer family :)

So................where else do we go down the Purple Brick Road of Bobbi's life this morning...

My ex-husband wants to know if could come up with a name for his Improv group. I wanted to ask him if I could be in it. I'm very good at improv but he would have to move me to NY. Okay, small sneaky idea there......

Okay.. I'm feeling better.

See.. it is better to give than receive.

What else should you know about Bobbi's life today

Multiple Choice Test:

Please put in the proper order the things that Bobbi would rather be doing today

a) Coffee on Kingston Avenue
b) Fenway Park
c) Maine with Sharon
d) Dina's basement
e) Bayside
f) Matheson Hammock
g) Touring on a road trip with Yaffah in the Azores
h) Santa Monica Pier
i) Davening shaachris in 770, closing myeyes and rememberin'
j) Bickerin' with Ron at CP
k) Watching the moon rise over the water with Yaffah in Surfside
l) Sara's for breakfast with Sharon
m) On the road or on the phone with Mel
n) Nelson's going to be in the libray soon and doesn't know I am not there to flirt with :(
gorgeous green eyes, nice smile
o) Oh help
p) please help me
q) Reading Bell Book and Candle with Linda, playing Aunt Queenie or Gillian
r) Reading F. Scott Fitzgerald or one of the novels sitting on my desk at work or the one next to my bed... written by someone with 2 Rs in his name lol..
s) Starbucks in Savannah on the way north somewhere.. anywhere towards Sameach land
t) Trying to write the Great American Novel outside of Key West or Santa Fe
u) Hiding under the bed from crazy people who keep sending crazy packages
v) Do I really need complications in my life right now... and it's probably some stupid set up from crazy people but really he is cute..
w) Wondering what the Washington Post has to say about Bush's Chief of Staff stepping down
x) Missouri.. Misery... did you know the picture at our library of His Royal Highness is CROOKED ... haha.. don't know who did it but makes me smile.. Xito??? old name
y) Y am I doing this?? Y??? Cause I'm bored and groovin and makin myself feel better. No calories not fattening ...
z) Oh I miss Z.. she had a BABY... in JoJa... named Aviel Baruch... Avi for short... I miss her but I may get to see her soon...

Z and Sharon

So..................................all my crazy, blurry eyed friends... you put that list into the right order

S for Sombrero Beach would be good if my ex is reading this but he has probably forgotten I have it here...

Seriously.. going off.. feel better

build up the temple one brick at a time... i say we want moschiah now... we want moshiach now... love this song...

building my life one purple brick at a time...

and praying for some very special people along the way
Like Z... and Sharon.. and my son who is in Jerusalem, Jerusalem..
and someone who I used to wish bad things on when I was a bit nuts and annoyed and now I wish everyone would leave him the hell alone cause he is a man of integrity, concious and committment to ideals and change and progress and some people don't like progress or change......... especially smokers (learned that from my ex-boyfriend who has 3 coffee grinders on his window sill) and .................. I pray for world peace, people getting along with each other, cute men 6 feet tall with nice green eyed smiles and all of their sons and friends and...I pray Yaffah can be herself and do what she wants to do the most and be herself and .. find the proper backing for all of her projects.... cause money makes the world go round.. and Love..

Ahavah and Tzedakah.. Love and Charity...

Give to the choice of your and every day...

If you haven't already given to one of the links above.. here's another

chow for now.. Bobbi
where I am now..on the Purple Brick Road of My Life... Youth: Music: Matisyahu Shalom Track :)

snakes camoflauged


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