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Friday, March 24, 2006

Letter to "Moe" aka who knows what his name is..

I wrote a letter to a friend earlier today.. it was good writing and very on the money and am sharing it here on the blog it was good writing, good thinking...and inspired by a good friend whose name will remain... a secret cause I don't talk and tell...

Article about a letter someone sent me regarding the national debt and the problems America faces. If they let I'll post the letter.. later.. Bobbi


Dear Moe, Hi there..

It's a very heavy, very detailed.. very very good article.. in depth analysis of our problems from an economic viewpoint.. global economics and national..

Sort of takes you high.. takes you low.. or rather a wide view as well as a close in view

I wouldn't lie to you. Have to read it again a few times to understand it all. Economics was never my area of expertise as I prefered studying History, International Politics and Geography. There was a time in space when I could have listed you all the Tzars of Russia and tried to list you the various Georges of England and fumbled on the Presidents of the United States. May I add... Condi has that problem too. We both specialized in the same thing.

Trying to maneuver through balance of power in places like the middle east while wondering what would have happened if some Russian Tzar had gone all out and found his way down to the Mediterranean. I mean make fun of the French but Napolean had ambition... he went far, found his waterloo but he went far... The Portuguese went far too.. around the world. The Russian pysche hunkers down through a long winter and they don't go as far..

Okay ... so maybe they played at going to Cuba but you see.. their heart wasn't in it. They just played sort of to piss off America.

Russia is good at word games, Pravda is fun to read.. sort of a cross between the New York Times and the National Enquirer.. Castro and Russia was all about PR... mind games, word games but beyond that... not even a mouse that roared.

Anyway...this is the problem with current and most administrations. They fall in love with Foreign Affairs and totally ignore the home grown brew of a paperback economy.

The man from Spain who comes from the Basque area and stares with dark eyes is more mysterious and interesting than the little Puerto Rican Jose who lives two doors down.

Worrying over how to spell Czar or Tzar is more worrisome than wondering on what will happen if someday we have to explain that our dollar isn't worth the paper it is written on.

But this is America.. land of the free.. and the brave...the clueless and the dumb and dumber isn't it?

Ask someone in America "who backs the US dollar" and they will respond "George Washington"

So.. in a way.. the little man with the big ears from Texas was the most on the money man around in ways... futurist and oddly.. though if you think on it predictably.. the main base he had (at least in Miami) was older people. He had this group down here of people in their early 60s wearing buttons, giving out pamphlets with a few young college students who liked to be contrary and fight the system. The young still knew it had to be fought and the older ones were smart enough with age to realize there was a problem.

The rest of America... was tired of Bush (hard to be romantic about a man who throws up while at fancy dinners in Japan and has to get Martha Washington to give a good press conference so he didn't look bad... I mean at some point did he not think to himself "shit Im gonna barf" and think to excuse himself from the table with a simple.. sorry your honor but I have to go pee (was going to write something else but am holding back lol)

So... between Old George and the man with the Saxophone who had a sexy charm.. they went like all good Americans do.. with sex appeal.

I guess we need a sexy, folksy candidate who knows how to add and do math as well as find good people to watch the balance of power which is currently out of balance and in danger of collapsing.

Someone who won't sleep through outsourced jobs, NAFTA type of agreements and deal with reality.

But Moe... are we ever going to deal with reality or just live in denial and smile?

Have a good shabbos...
making simple and easy chicken... potatoes.. carrots.. salads..
KISS.. Keep It Simple Silly.. learned that from a great native american
Bobbi :)


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