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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Another Day in the Neighborhood... TD 27 Lurks Below

On a tropical note... TD 27 is still cooking down there on the Caribbean Back Burner. If someone turns up the heat Gamma will bubble and turn into a possible trouble maker. If not.. it could slide slowly west. But, the money is on Gamma getting itself together in the usually more favorable Western Caribbean. And then... it's anyone's game. Though most in charge in big public, government positions would like to see Gamma go into Central America and not North America. But, as Jimmy Buffett always says, "Time Will Tell..."

For now party hardy and don't throw out the water or tequilla bottles just in case you need to fill them with water in a week or so.

On a personal note...
I've adjusted to the fact that one of my kids is back in Israel. Not a happy camper on it but you can't stop a 20 year old boy .. man who is on his own from doing what he wants to do so.... I'll pray a lot.

Waiting to see if anyone else in the house comes down with the 24 hour flu.. which already flew away and Miriam looked quite herself going off to college this morning.

Working late tonight so I had the morning free to sit around and shoot the breeze with my best friend Sharon on the phone and I just put a boniato up in the mircrowave to eat for lunch with a leftover burger from last night. Miami version of meat and potatoes.

I can hear the tree cutters from New Hampshire down the block.. buzz sawing the ficus and the live oak trees apart. Imagine... Tree Cutters from New Hampshire and as Sharon said laughing.. of all the oak trees in all the world they found their way to yours. Go figure... bet it will be cold cold cold when they get back home. Lots of oak trees to cut down here. Not a lot of shade but bright sun and beautiful temps.

Going to enjoy Miami today, while I can... and enjoy the low energy before FPL gets there 20% rate increase that starts in January which will nicely offset their slow time when Miamians used to be able to at least look foward to one or two months of low energy bills while they pay off other bills for a change.

Take care.. keep watching TD 27 and don't be surprised by anything because this is 2005.. a strange, crazy year.


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