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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tropical Sampler Plate...& I went to the Ocean :)

What would that be?? Lox & Bagels, Plantain Chips and Coconut Fried Shrimp with Conch Fritters.. Key Lime Pie.

Anyway..............waited for the weather to get milder here and quieter and no rain on radar in site and ran over to the beach with my youngest son. Figured it would be good quality time with him and I took the camera to get some pics.

Sunny Isle Pier :)

Usually go there.. its a few miles due east of me.. easy to get to and not as packed with crazy kids as Haulover down the beach nearby. No media either.. never can figure out why.. maybe hard to park their trucks.... new construction trailers in the parking lot.

Beautiful waves. Wild waves.. beautiful air. Not like Floyd which was something else.. but stronger then usual. And, the storm was already way past Key West so that in itself says something for the strength of Rita right now.

Son had fun.. told him never to go swimming like some of the people were ... told him not to go surfing like his brother used to do.. told him to stand there and watch while I took pics. He looked so cute with his little Boston Red Sox hat on :) I wore one of Jim's Hurricane City tee shirts... hoping picture comes out.

Was great...nothing in the world like the ocean with a storm out there.

Feel so much better I can't tell you.

Key West was spared ... it's still raining in Key Largo... boy did they get hit with a heavy band. Probably most flooding from whole storm will end up being in the Key Largo area..

Wondering if she will go to Galveston.. Houston... maybe stay low.. who knows..

Feel like I can' breathe.. at least for the night.

Hang tight.. going to watch Red Sox game with my "friend" online and watch TWC.

Not a bad life.

Can think of a few ways to improve it.. but it's not bad tonight.

Everyone rest.. going to have a hard few days tracking..and praying Rita continues to not hit anyone too hard.



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