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Monday, July 11, 2005

Inspiration and introspection while waiting for Emily to Find Her Groove

Poor Tropical Depression Five. Can't seem to pull it together fast enough to impress the big guys at the NHC. Well, give her time. She will. She is pretty much a done deal name wise... just waiting to make it official.

Earlier in the day she had what looked to be Franklin on a leash out in the Ocean but possibly pissed off at the big Franklin at the Hurricane Center she let him loose and he went tumbling down below 10 and looks like he wants to go to Argentina. He might make it back..will see.

But for now.. my thoughts are more on Emily. First things first they say. And, you know who "they" are ...don't you know.

I have a few topics, off topic that I want to discuss tonight. As the sun slowly sets and I am too tired to get up and turn the light on.

Was a long day at work. Not bad, just long. Very, very long. And, I ask myself frequently these days... do I like my job.

Answer... yes pretty much.

What is wrong then? Too long hours and not the benefits I should be getting. And, because I work fast and I end up doing the work of two people yet I don't know how to slow down and just to what one should. I never did. But, I am only getting paid to do one job.

What else? It's in Miami and not Key West.

I like it. I learn a lot from the library locals. Those are the lost souls and dead souls and souls hiding from someone somewhere who stake out their claim to the public library and make it their own home. Good people who somewhere a long the way got lost in the system or who left the system. Yup, they teach me a lot.

Take Johnson. He has in the last few months become like a man reborn. I mean we are lease on life. Happy as a lark. Free. Interacts, talks... seems to be healthier too. Bet whatever meds he was on back in the real world were making him crazy. His skin is better. His eyes look better. He has a nice happy gait to his walk and he breezes his way through the computer screens these days. A new man from the man who walked in months ago. Glory be and praise the lord. It is like watching a miracle at work.

Sometimes you just got to let go, start over and move on.

It's those who can't move on that get left behind looking backward.

Take Lateesha. She can't get past some guy she broke up with years ago. Keeps talking about him. She worries on signs and mutual friends and worries for his welfare, his soul. His soul is probably dragging her down and he doesn't even know or care she is worriyng over him. Who knows.. maybe her prayers are keeping him going but doe her brother know where she is??? I wonder. Does anyone know where she is? I do... sitting in the library worrying on someone else's soul.

Not Johnson.. he is moving on fast and furious. After inquiring every day or two if I am sure I have a boyfriend (and I respond, kinda sorta ..tho he never asks what that means.. I would if I were him) he goes online and starts his search...notice he is looking for a girlfriend. Good for him.

Good for me. Makes my day and puts a smile on my face.

Yup, they come and go.. mothers, fathers, singles... new immigrants who have just arrived trying to contact the INS online and people trying to finish masters and pass the bar all studying in the same big room... the great equalizer.. the Public Library system.

Yes, you learn a lot about people in the library. Not to judge. Be kind to strangers. Share a smile.

And, I know anywhere I go on Planet Earth or at least within America..there is always a quiet space for me to rest, relax.. go online and connect to the world out there. Books to read. Magazines. Reference. Programs to learn from... to look foward to and disapeer in.

The Key West Library is a great place to spend a few quiet hours. You can look for books on sale. You can find old gems and sit in the corner reading. Greatest Florida room around. Nice kids room. Run over to Faustos, get some sushi and eat in the garden next to the library.

Yes.. my mind is in Key West but I can't run away this week.

Not fair.

People always think I am looking back at the past or thinking on some place like Miracle Mile. Nah..they are wrong. My mind moves its way down the Overseas Highway and it doesn't wake up and breathe until it crosses onto Truman and past Bayview Park and I am alive again. Yes, I know.. a job at that library would be nice but right now truth is I really would like someone to share that with... a nice man, or at least a good man... funky man who will live with me at the end of the road, sooner rather than later.

And, if a Category Whatever comes at me down there.. I'll take my stand at the end of the road... hear Willie singing... last stand in open country, this is my last chance to be with you...

Love Bobbi


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