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Saturday, June 04, 2005

West Bound Tropical Wave

Tis the season for such wording in the TWOAT... tropical update from email from Ye Olde Hurricane Center.

Go on after shabbos and confirm what I thought Friday afternoon... "west bound tropical wave" nearing the islands.. around the islands.

Radar is dotted with small green showers. All streaming ssw to nne

Woke up this morning to rain drops still clinging to my bedroom window and gray skies. Walked to shul under a threatening sky, walked over to Bais Menechem through scattered raindrops and stayed for fahrbegen... saw old friends. Nothing like sitting with old friends, just being yourself... relaxing, hanging... fahrbregening. Walked home later, tired... drip drops of rain falling on my brain. Okay, sort of poetically minded today lol.

Anyway... wild line beginning to snake its way through Kansas, Missouri... Hiawatha Kansas.. go figure there would be a Hiawatha Kansas.

I once stood in a hot sunny summer day in the middle of Hiawatha Falls.. well, wasn't much water, really not any water and now that I think of it was a hot summer day but was sunrise. We were out all night, buying stuff to make this big breakfast. Bayerly's or some all night grocery store and stopped to watch the sunrise. Remember thinking... how I couldn't really be standing in the stream that was written in some poem... but I was, was funny.. was fun. Great summer, teaching in the afternoon, talking all night and sleeping just before the sun came up. Those were he days my friend.

Anyways........... big storms out west.. midwest in the land of you know who and in my neck of the woods... "West bound tropical wave"

Excellent Shabbos... old friends, light rain, cooler temps... said tehillim, slept, rested, didn't eat too much.. didn't sleep too much.

Was Goldilocks just right!

Need a few more west bound tropical waves before taking them more seriously.

Stay tuned...


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