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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Walking through Brooklyn... in my mind

So, I'm walking through Brooklyn in my mind most of the day. Online, offline.. easier online and yet they don't have the pictures I want and am too tired to figure out how to best google them.

I know, you thought I would be talking about the obvious but I'm never totally normal am I? Well, normal.. very but not very predictable.

So, yes it is the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. Most definitely!

I wish I was in Crown Heights. Why? Can't say, don't know.... just this ongoing feeling for the last few days like if I could just walk up Kingston, sit in the bagel shop ..stare out at people passing by. Walk up Montgomery..or rather down that I would be almost okay. Just.. sort of a need. Sit at the kitchen table and watch stuff, I don't know. Just a mood. Like to see my older daughter but would rather be in Crown Heights today than Flatbush.

I don't know.. somehow in my mind it's always Fall in Crown Heights.. almost winter... tulips in the snow.. early spring. Cold, bitter sort of wind sometimes flies up Kingston. I'm in Crown Heights in my mind.. not Key West, not the tropics..

So far away

wishing I could go in the old Stationary Store on Union and get a notepad and a pen and see the sweet old man who ran it who came from Russia.. way back when.



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