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Sunday, June 12, 2005

There's a Wave Over in Africa...

Yup. Someone left it's greeting card on in the form of a post, with a link... a link to a model developing the wave..

Everyone's heart beat a little faster on the board as the model slowly loaded.

Bottom line would be this wave... over the middle.. nicely formed, round, still too early probably but this is my friends what the storm trackers lust after...
The Real Thing..

Cape Verde Waves.

Like that fish that great fisherman chase for years... the one that got away (recurved too soon)....

Something about a Cape Verde Wave that will get any real meteorologist, professional or amateur going... SNONUT, oh SNONUT... he loves Cape Verde waves. Do I email him or don't I? Do I call my brother to look?

Whoever Mr. Maher is who interviewed Jim Williams at HurricaneCity... there is one thing I know about him. He knows tropical weather because he couldn't write about Jim the way he did if Mr. Maher didn't.

And as the great Dr. Gray told someone.. who did he tell who? There are two kinds of people.. those who know tropical weather and those who don't. I may have gotten the exact words wrong but I don't want to go through old email to find it.

So.... Jim, SNO... Jay in Greece traveling around the country and lecturing and anyone else here... go figure, a wave on some over anxious model being developed in June.

Probably won't happen. Can see John Hope sitting up in Weather Heaven, looking down, shaking his head... too soon, too far, too early... somewhere in the back of his head where he won't worry any longer on saying it outloud he is thinking "oh come on you can do it"

Either way... a Cape Verde Wave this early would be a safe bet on recurvature early out somewhere.. a fish storm.

A fish storm.. but a sign of things to come..

I was relly excited watching the loop. Really.

As for me.. going off.

Got my about 3 cheesecakes made not to mention little cupcake ones, fruity bbq chicken and blitz souffle and tons of fresh fruit and cottage cheese and yogurt and I bought ice cream. Real ice cream. Seems for a change the kids aren't dieting this holiday.

Happy Shavous.. yes Jay in Greece, it's Shavous. Go eat some ice cream.

Congratulations Jim for a job well done, unreal well done during Arlene. Hope you get some rest and relaxation.

And to my friend who sent me the ideas for recipes.. thanks it helped get my mind working.

Oh and having mexican tacos tonight...

adios everyone
wow... cape verde season, probably just a teaser, the models do that a lot but its a sign of things to come



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