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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Redundantly Bobbi

Hi.. cutting and pasting this from Jim's board that is stuck on rants about things we talk about when there is nothing happening in the basin.. anywhere.

Nice ULL.. upper level low spinning, pretend its a cane and there are problems in cuba, well..there are always problems in cuba politically but no its just an ULL spinning.

Posting from .. cute post, said it well..why write something else?

Posted by Bobbistorm on 6/16/2005, 8:15 am
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Don't you just LOVE the way that sounds?
Oh come on.. Westbound tropical wave..

Come on.. say it a few times. Don't you just smile?

Don't you just love the way it sings.. it has this ring..

Westbound tropical wave...

Oh i love it. I do.

Don't you love it?

In a mood, should have gone to Key West today, what was I thinking?

ULL has shut down the basin for a while.. its making things look better than they are by enhancing every drop of rainfall out there but as whats his name I like so much on TWC just before 8 said.. still a lot of stuff down there so I imagine he figures when the ULL moves out... something may pop.

Do you get the feeling its July in the Tropics.. we sort of lost June and are about midway through July climo wise.

Anyway.. just saying hello. Sharing my enthusiasm for "westbound tropical wave" with all of you on Jim's great board and.. I don't like the word Land Cane unless its over South Africa about to water the SW Carib but that John guy does..

Westbound Tropical Wave..
focus on that
noticed there was one about to enter the caribbean. Not much of a westbound wave but it was moving west.. into the basin.

Have a Good Thursday


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