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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Honesty in the Hurricane Season

Okay... so Jim is always telling me people like to read honesty. Well truth or just honesty in emotion. Truth in my writing. The whole reason I have the blog is to write and not feel "off topic" because some people on other boards have big issues with you not writing exactly on the topics they want you to.. Control Freaks.

Jim is not a control freak. He is a rare breed of human... a hurricane tracker.

Giggling so much I can hardly type.

Face hurts from smiling.

So.. I sit here at lunch, barefoot and listening to a JIMmy Buffett CD that a good online friend sent me..also a rare breed of human.

So... its like this.. this is cut and paste from something I wrote to a friend about the reality of life... relationships and love.

Since its a slow day in the tropics as we gaze upon the waves rolling off of Africa and the one close to home entering the Caribbean and while we prepare in Miami for our second round of tropical rainstorms coming up from the Yucatan..


i use the word "love" a lot
what i mean is i want someone i cannot live without in my life

someone just to talk to them... breathe their air
hear their words
watch them smile
watch them work
know they are coming home at the end of the day

with affection...

builds love

yesterday is gone
so is sharon, ed, linda, joe, zelaya, jason

either through death or just distance, double Ds

today i am here
tomorrow i may die, i could... in an hour or a day

you dont know me
you cant unless you have looked deep in my eyes
today to see who I am

my mind changes a lot
my soul doesn't
chemistry makes you want to touch the person, reach out to them, talk to them even when they piss you off (sharon)

makes you want to never walk away

chemistry is demanding
its compelling

So maybe I don't want "love" and I for sure don't want a friend.. I want Sharon to be my friend.. even if its on the phone to Maine or Macon..

My old friend, gone but not forgotten..
only memories remain
so far away
Mr. Ed was wrong... its not about Alegebra or Geometry
You don't suddenly just GET alegebra
I am a writer
I don't mix metaphors..
Letters are for novels and poetry

I am not a mathematician, I am an amateur meteorologist
Wonder if father was ever upset with the son but i am..

Chemistry is what I hunger for in my life when it comes to relationships.

Chemistry is what makes Storms form..

you need all the ingredients
other wise its just rain on a hot tropical humid muggy day


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