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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Father's Day and Thunderstorms

Today is the type of day that makes you love living in Miami.

Fathers Day and Thunderstorms
by Bobbi Schwartz

Raincloud upon raincloud
appear in the Southern sky,
turning darker and darker
as deep dark gray
turns to purply blue
and they each climb higher
way up into the sky

Low rolling clouds that block out the sun
long trailing plumes that look almost
but not quite
a twister or two

Unreal day, the colors are so intense.

Purple, blue...mottled grey
Bright sunshine on ficus trees that look intensely green against the purple sky
palm fronds flying about in some 1960s modern dance routine
wild winds, carrying cool down drafts blow across my skin
my skirt tugs about a bit
I feel so alive

Mangoes fall off the tree
and bounce about onto the roof top..
down onto the ground
mango orange sunrise
lying on the ground
about to be poured down upon

Rain, glorious, glorious rain
Distant thunder

A big fat frog appears at my feet and flirts with the raindrops.
We watch, together. Cute happy ugly toadlike frog
blinking his eyes, he wont let me into his mind
nor will i let him into mine

Rain, Summer Rain
in the South
Deeply Humid

You can feel the kiss of the tropics upon your skin
My father watching from heaven
thinking outloud
"WHOO HAH" he would have said,
"look at that rain come down."


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