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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Day 2 - Hurricane Season

It's 7:49 am and am waiting for the Tropical Update to come on The Weather Channel.
With my 10 year old son who is now a total offical hurricane freak. I suppose if I moved up north he could get into snowstorms.

Logo comes on.. smile... so familar. I miss John Hope.
Friends with a sweet man who used to share an office "the size of a broom closet" with John Hope. He missed John Hope too. Hard to forget such a man.

Stuff in the Caribbean moving this way, no signs of circulation or formation. Just tropical rain.

And a typhoon by Yap Island...yeah yeah yeah.

Another day in the neighborhood.

Trying to stay busy with the hurricane season, redsox baseball and dolphin training camp.

Work on my novel. Yeah right.

Trying not to fall in love online. Listening to my big girl in Philly who says I shouldn't get emotionally attached to people online (jewish dating services) because it happens and detach. So, yes little Shayna...we will detach. If anyone knows anything about flirting online and falling in love its Shayna, so I should listen. Of course she fell in love w/o meeting him first in person (her husband) but we will listen to Shayna. Boy, she'd be so excited I was writing about her. Giggling.

Well going to stay mellow, detach while mr. interesting man is busy with some things and wait and see if when he is ready to write ... if we will write. Hard to stay detached but well George should be at the library today (sweet old man who turned 70 something yesterday) and will want me to find things on Lacrosse players. Vincent will be there (of indeterminate age or credentials) playing chess on the computer and calling me for help. Kids on vacation will be in early... looking for love and the perfect music video. I can dream of patrons long gone but not forgotten.

I have this great need to be in Crown Heights for a long Shabbos weekend but I can't go right now. Have to arrange tickets for kids for sleepaway camp in NY ..they get the tickets. I have a round trip bus ticket paid for in my drawer to Key West but I don't have the time to go... not just yet. My emergency ticket but brother Ronnie gave me for my birthday present.

Day 2 of the Hurricane Season. No mail from who I'd like to see mail. No storms. Will work on my novel today and see what trouble I can stay out of today.



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