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Monday, May 30, 2005

Mango Season

It's 88 in the shade and I'm thinking the thermometer is lying.. Feels much hotter. Drinking water, but it doesn't really help when it is that hot. And, so far it hasn't rained today but storm clouds are building out over the Glades.

We have had mangoes on the tree for months. Small ones, medium ones... tons of them. People passing by ask me "are those mangoes?" adding, "your tree is loaded." Yes, we know.. really.

But today... while rinsing something off in the sink I saw the first sign of the changing of the seasons... a semi ripe mango was sitting on the window sill..waiting to be cut open when someone decides it's ready.

It's started.

First mango of the season sitting on the window sill..even has some color on it.

A promise of things to come.

Hurricane Season around the bend... maps in stores, mangoes on window sills... everyone hiding mid-day from the heat and hoping it will rain.

Memorial Day Weekend in Miami.

Sharon is in town.. we did the Israeli restaurant, Jerusalem for breakfast and Big Lots. Seems Maine does not have dollar stores.. go figure.. Maine also doesn't have mid-day heat.. she is home recuperating.

Me? I don't know. I love Miami from the cool safety of the air conditioned bedroom. Not the Central.. the little wall unit I put in the window. Cost less than doing my whole house and there is something comforting about the buzz of the machine, the sound of my summertime childhood friend... bzzzzz sending cool air into the room, making the tropical city of Miami livable all year round.

My great-grandma didn't have AC in Key West or Tampa. She probably also went up north to visit her sister in Philly to get some relief from the summer heat. Maybe not. Maybe she loved it. Maybe after being born in Russia or Prussia or where ever she was born, raised... lived in England.. Key West was Paradise... Gan Eden, beautiful. I know it is to me. Must be some genetic memory left in my genes...

We all have our seasons.. Up north.. fall, spring (so nice, NY is so nice in the spring), winter in Maine...oh wow.. you haven't lived til you have stood by the lighthouse where Wadsworth sat for hours writing (probably in the summer) and stared down into the icy water... so beautiful.

The world is a beautiful place. Each area has it's own season.

Miami has mango season.. a prelude to the Hurricane Season.

Old timers count the mangoes and the blooms as a sign of the hurricane season to come. The tree is laden down with the largest crop I've seen in ages.

And.... a solitary mango sits waiting on my window sill in the kitchen.. waiting to be enjoyed, first of the season.


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