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Thursday, September 02, 2004

In Miami Watching Hurricane Frances

My thoughts...

First I'll try posting on my blog today when I can.. anything I can think of that anyone might need to know or want to know or just that I want to put there.

So...keeping this post short.

Going to work this morning so I will be posting very little online as I have a city job at the library and we are busy locking down the library and being there for all the regular patrons. More on this in my blog later...

Point here is that everyone sees this storm doing what their own "worst case scenario" is..

My brother sees it going west soon into Miami.
My best friend Sharon thinks this is Ft Lauderdale's storm.
Friends online insist it will stay north and come in further up the coast.Friends in South Carolina are worried.

What does it mean "a more southerly landfall" ???

Broward county just issued evacuation orders and had a press conference based on "new data" but no one seems to give the exact data.

As Kamal says... we are expecting surprises within the cone so that is not "unexpected"
The Summer of the Cone.

So... my question to you all here.. all of you who really know your stuff.

Is the storm slowing now because it has found
1) a temporary weakness in the high
2) it has reached the end of the high
3) is stuck with steering currents on all sides
4) all of the above

Because in my opinon its not impt what it does now as much as what it does tomorrow. And... so far believe the high is forecast to build back in stronger..
Would like to see Bastardi's scenario play out. Like to believe WxAmerica is right and it will stay to the left (leave a door open for offshore that way) and SNONUT who has insisted on right of track..

So...someone please tell me
Is the storm going to stall?Temporarily?
Will go watch better computers at work and give my thoughts later on a break.
Watching and waiting in Miami.. everyone is very cautious.We remember Andrew... Betsy... Charley.

Hope for the best.. prepare for the worse...

Watch the storm.

NHC is doing a good job.. all and all.. but its common to somewhere make a mistake... will it be track? speed? intensity?

Love to see them get this perfect ... Going to watch a lot of Norcross later..will give over anything important he says when I can post.

Pray for you all .. Bobbi


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