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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

In Miami watching Hurricane Frances and Bryan Norcross on TV

Sitting here at the end of a long day watching Bryan talking once again about a Hurricane moving towards South Florida.

He's good.
He's fast.

You know often what he will say before he says it but thats the part thats best. Like a good soap. Bryan viewers know what he thinks and his advice by heart.

All day I was quiet..not happy about the continued "way north of WPB" line that was being given. Just doesn't sit right with climo and other tracks for that location in history. Almost all veered in.. continued wnw actually into South Florida.

Kept telling myself maybe have mild tropical storm force winds or maybe hurricane force but seems pretty obvious now that we will get "for sure" tropical storm force winds and probably hurricane force.

On the Water Vapor you could see ALL day that the high was strong.. on the west stronger but to the NW it was pretty strong. As well as to the South.

FINALLY...they read the data from the dropsondes they sent down into the air out in front of the storms path (fairly new idea) and it showed that the UKMET and NOGAPS models read the strength of the high better than the GFS and GFDL models that saw a path more to the right/north.

UKMET and NOGAPS had been calling for landfall further south than the other two.

Goldstars for the team that calls for a landfall closer to South Florida.

Then around 7 it looked like the storm was about to move NW... better...

Now... it looks like its moving W .

Hurricane center said a stair step movement towards WNW so hoping that is whats going on and the storm has not turned west towards South Florida.

My exhusband called... heard up north about the storm's strength..or more so the SIZE and was very nervous. Wanted me to get out of here. Nice... no money to get out of here. No way out. Told him it was good to hear from him and when he got home and could look at the storm on sats we could talk more. He remembers Andrew.

Told him what I tell everyone.. if we have a hit far away... and we are on SW side.. Tropical Storm ..Cat 1 then I will stay home with the kids in a safe place in the house. If it approaches a strong 2 in this area I'll go to Sharon's because she has good shutters.

Will see... watching.. waiting...

My daughter Dina is nervous...she said if the TWC sent someone to Miami.. thats a bad sign because they ALWAYS know where the storm is going.

See? Raised kids well ... to watch The Weather Channel lol.

Lastly...had a really big scare. Got all the batteries and couldn't find where I put the walkman TV that I hide from the kids :( Daughter found it..finally.. never lose the walkman Tv.

Have a good night..stay safe.
I'll try and update my thoughts in the morning.

My thoughts now are you could feel it in the air tonight.

Always loved this song.
Used to listen to it way back.. a lot.
Remember driving around South Beach locked up tight before Andrew like some scene from Miami Vice... and could hear the sound track in my head.

Nite from Miami... I belong to the city... Miami..


You Belong To The City
Glenn Frey
The sun goes down
The night rolls in
You can feel it starting all over again
The moon comes up
And the music calls
You're getting tired of staring at the same four walls
You're out of your room
And down on the street
You can feel the crowds through the midnight heat
The traffic roars
And the sirens scream
You look at the faces, its just like a dream
You don't know where you're going
You don't care where you've been'
Cause you belong to the city
You belong to the night
living in a river of darkness, beneath the neon light
You belong to the city
you belong to the street
Its in your moves, its in your blood
You're a man of the street
When you said goodbye
You were on the run
Tryin' to get away from the things you'd done
Now you're back again
And you're feeling strange
So much has happened, but nothing has changed
You still don't know where you're going
Nobody cares where you've been'
Cause you belong to the city...
You can see it
You can face it
You can feel it
You can taste it
You can hear it
You're getting near it
You're gonna make it'
Cause you can take it.
You belong to the city (etc. to fade out)


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