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Monday, September 13, 2004

Hurricane City Radio Broadcasts

Really kick ass weather reporting and discussion for those tropically inspired.

Last night's broadcast was fun to just sit back and listen to while watching Ivan move west north west forever.

Will post later.

Evac orders for KW lifted. Sure...this morning. Could have gone yesterday but nooooo I didn't have local ID. Am going to have to do something about that this year.

Back to work. No lyrics today lol have heard someone has been typing them away elsewhere. And, in a good mood but to run.

Beautiful storm to watch from a distance.

Had a wild reddish purple sunrise this morning in Miami. I'd bet we are going to get distant bands or little storms that fly off those distant bands later today.

Love you all..stay safe, keep those boards up.. figure that is what's keeping Ivan away from Florida.

Listen tonight if you want to hear people talk who love hurricanes and any kind of weather.


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