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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Hurricane Brunch Party.. while Ivan moves westward

Just got home and settling in to the tv with the US OPEN on. Okay it wasn't Wimbledom it was the US Open. Switched channels to the football game.

Had a wonderful time with my Key West friends in a boarded up house which somehow made it feel like we were still in Key West having one of Stuart's incredible brunches. The man can make artwork out of a Lox Platter. Talking could be on the cover of Bon Appetite.

Big oval glass platter covered in a bed of spring lettuce mix
slivers of avocado and cucumber and thin slivers of scallions
cajun lox
tequilla lox
ginger lox
baked salmon
white fish
smoked cod
thin slices of red onion
unreal olives
key lime juice drizzled over the platter (from his tree in key west)
and sprinkled with capers

cheese platters
flavored coffee with yemenite/turkish seasoning

Very nice.
We sat around with TWC on a big screen TV, ongoing in the background.
The house in Surfside all boarded up for Ivan..
Couldn't look out the windows... sure felt like we were in Key West.
Funny but true...

They drove back.. I couldn't go because I don't have a Key West ID.. have to work on that one.
And...Greyhound Bus service has been suspended.
They drove back to Key West. Stuart went to Vegas for the holidays.. high holidays.
I came back to my nice tropical bedroom in North Miami Beach.. little small crystals of fine sand still on my ankles from playing in the waves this morning.

Feel like I got away. Far away as Ivan moved further away.

Gave my opinon on Ivan and it being safe enough to go back to Key West that if the Troopers would let me pass through and Greyhound was running I would have gone back with them and left my kids here for the night. Maybe later in the week.. or after the holidays.

How can you keep watching Ivan moving just north of west and keep hearing it will turn NW any moment. They have been saying that for two days now.

Told someone I was staying off the computer so that I don't write something I don't regret on busted forecasts.

My hair smells from the sea.
There was foam on the beach today.. something rarely seen in Miami.
The wind was blowing the salt spray against my lips and upon my cheeks as I sat a few feet from the ocean's edge on a lounge chair left out by one of the nice condos along the beach there. It is really one of the nicest stretches of beaches in the Miami area. Well kept up. Nice jogging path, friendly people. Pretty empty as there are few tourists and most of the winter people are living up north somewhere.

Sat on a bench for a bit under a sea grape tree looking out at the water before I left.
Very beautiful. Beautiful.. awesome.

There is no where on earth that you can find God better than at the beach or watching a painted sunset color a mountain canyon with colors ever changing as the shadows move fast across the hills or mountains. Nature.. there is no temple more beautiful. Some are... they have a grandeur, a sense of spirituality. Some old churches make me feel that way.. when you look around and think how many people have sat there praying to God in the pews you are sitting in. can connect on a more individual level while sitting staring out at the ocean feeling the breeze on your face watching the sunlight glitter on the water.

Of course my brother Jay feels that way about listening to an old Janis Joplin song but well.. think he also feels that way about the water. Somewhere there is a trailor down in the Keys where he promises me one day we can retire. Sharon said to look for one but I know she won't go because........................its not really a beach. Only MAINE has beaches... real beaches. She HATES Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket (is that the same place) and she hates Miami Beaches because they aren't like the Maine Coastline beaches... sigh..................deep breath. Will see.

She can like Maine all she wants but she can move to Key West and have all the joys of New England architecture and bougenvilla interwoven in hibiscus bushes underneath a tropical moonlight scene smelling jamine and frangipangi 365 days a year.

How did I get off of Ivan..
He's moving WNW.... more west than wnw but lets not argue.

I have heard that landfall is being considered far from the shores of Florida.

Remember someone online saying Mobile a while back. Some even said New Orleans. Heard someone say Texas. Am hoping at this point Stuart doesn't have to deal with him in Vegas lol.

Oh... what a mess we make when we try and second guess Cat 5 storms.

A little bored with Ivan. He is beautiful.

But... I want another storm.

A Cape Verde storm sliding slowly west north west at 16 mph towards a date with destiny.

No... I have not tired of tropical storms or hurricanes.

And, brunch and the beach was a delight

Going to listen to a beautiful CD that Steven in California sent me... a man with a beautiful view from his backyard that can see forever all across the San Bernadino Valley.. think I got that right. And, has very good taste in jazz... bad taste in certain friends lol :P and he can always make me smile.

Good to have friends.
Always good.

Looking for a good lover to round out my life and make it just perfect.

Love Bobbi


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