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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Bobbi is bored today.... yawn

and a bit dizzy from watching fishy canes out in the middle of the ocean

beautiful.. but not very compelling

dreaming of places i could go and people i would go with if i could

hi Jay :) know you read this.. know you know who I mean

Lisa is small and hides in the safe shadow of big Karl.. her protector who seems to allow her to do whatever she wants however he is leaving.. zoom zoom and where does that leave little Lisa? Petite.. cute..sweet...dynamic and gutsy with big dreams but she is soooo small and hard to take seriously. Yeah yeah..I know she could stay low however think she prefers to go up higher.

Karl... gorgeous far away Cane going north to Greenland or England or some cold frigid land.

Soon to be Matthew.. I like THIS ONE. Reminds me of Drudge :) Makes you pay attention.

Jeanne.. my girl, out there trying to find a way to come back west but staring over at drop dead gorgeous Karl.

Ivan.. Ivan.. bring me home Ivan... coming home like some old Eagles song
Come on Joey boy proud and give him a Texas Cane. Not Galveston cause Jay likes that in case he ever comes back from bout Port Arthur??

Anyway.. back to work. No more play.
Wish someone would come play with me :(

Do NOT call the library again as I am going off the desk and tell me your name is KARL and you need a book by COX, Simon... you know "C O X" I don't think its funny after a LONG day even if it makes our statistics look better. Or was that Seaman Cox lol. Funny now, lucky you weren't here or I would have kicked you in your knees.

dizzy from watching canes and want to play today


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