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Monday, August 30, 2004

Try NOT watching the dotted line..

Try not thinking of Pink Elephants.
Try not thinking of your first love.
Try telling Lot's wife not to look back.
Try jumping out of a plane and not hearing some small voice say "Im gonna die"
Try not swimming with sharks and not thinking you will get eaten for dessert.
Try not looking at the setting moon one more time.
Try not eating the double chocolate dip ice cream in the fridge.
Try buying Phish ice cream and eating Key Lime when you need chocolate.
Try not thinking about the man you love who is far away.
Try not thinking about sex.
Try not wishing it was Friday and your work week was over.
Try not remembering Andrew, Floyd or Hugo.
Try not putting on Bryan Norcross with Frances out there.
Try not watching the Tropical Update.
Try not obsessing over your favorite football team two weeks before the season.
Try not looking at the dotted line if its coming near your house this weekend.

Of course in this case... the cone/dotted line bends a bit away from Miami so I'd like to ask just once in this case..

Can I PLEASE watch the dotted line??

Not peeking in Miami, wishing I was in Key West right now

Love you all.. Bobbi


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