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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Location, Location, Location

Based on that criteria..

Hello Tropical Depression #1

A viable tropical depression to write home about however nothing very excited beyond some rain that might affect the area anywhere from Jax to Cape Hatteras... so it's definitely worth paying attention to as well as if you want.. track it on your map.

As for me.. I'm watching that wave out there and the one that is rolling off of Africa as I type.

Going to update this later.

I bought a cinnamon candle.. very very very heavy cinnamon and the Cajun CD I bought at Target has ended. I'm restless and want to get out of here.. air out the room. I mean I like cinnamon but oh my gosh.. this is enough to make you want to give up cinnamon buns even if you weren't counting carbs. Does smell sweet though.

Anyway... watch the Tropical Depression.

Even if Ed doens't want to agree he won the bet.. think he won the first system contest on

Jim has a program on tonight at 8, I think.. Maybe have tropical storm Alex by then.. maybe.

And.. I'll be back.

I'm restless and have to go help Sharon throw things away so she can move to Maine.


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