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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Two Invests and twenty different views..

So.. today finds TWO invests on this site:

This is the main Burger King of Tropical Trackers.. anybody who wants to fast check out the tropics looks at this site longingly to have an Invest posted. Today they hit the jackpot. There are two. Two Invests.

They don't have names.
They don't have centers.
They don't have strong winds.
They barely have a red dot in them but there are 31 anonymous posters on which means... something is happening.

Well.. odds having two are that one will develop.

Course since they are so close together..hard to have both develop at the same time.
Agree with Jim ( on that one.. sort of basic math.

What I don't think anyone is taking into account is that the conditions are not ALL that favorable. There is a tremendous amount of energy being funneled down from the north still on the WV and its blowing convection away from the system in the Gulf. That is not just from the ULL or the other system in my opinon. It's the whole flow.

But..the water is hot.. very hot and the atmosphere is ripe so I wouldn't count anything out.

I'm not a big fan of waiting for moisture to wrap into an upper low. I'm not saying it can't happen and doesn't.. just well it's like playing with a Blow Up doll instead of the real thing and wishing it would come to life like  that movie named?? Roxanne.. .. Mannequin. Has a high wish content in it. Fantasy factor. Does happen sometimes...but rarely the way you want it to work out.  So...if you are into hollowgrams or hollowdecks or grabbing anything you can get your hands on.. step up to the plate and bat away an take your chances.

Go for it.
Why not?

It's a full moon.. blue moon.. maybe you can get this storm to build into something big.. or even find a low level center.

Anyway...............stand by for futher announcements of a tropical nature.

Look the left then look to the right.. back again.. us trackers are going to be cross eyed by the end of the weekend at this rate.

Note... the Atlantic System looks better but I would bet money that if John Hope was here with us still..he'd be watching the Gulf system.

If Burns is reading this.. sneaky person that he is.. never underestimate me darling.



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