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Friday, July 30, 2004

Songs to sing while waiting

I whistle a happy tune..

Maybe this time... maybe next time..

Waiting for a Jet Plane

Tomorrow.. Tomorrow.. there's always tomorrow

Tomorrow's a day away...

Tomorrow, Tomorrow..

might have a storm tomorrow..

tomorrows a day away..

I don't.. I woke up with the tune to Me and Bobby McKee McGee?

Well you know the one I mean..

stuck in my mind.. over and over..

listened to Janis sing it but didn't get it out of my system.

Had a nice day. Obsessed over loops. Read a bit of a book I hope to finish on Shabbos.

Made it through the day..

Found a picture of Kerry on his Lacrosse team but George at the library who collects LaCrosse pictures didn't want it. Guess he's a Bush fan. hmmmnn. He gave it back to me. So, now I've got a picture of Kerry dressed to play Lacrosse and copies of the Frog Pond Maulers that he is making me. Sweet man. George comes in every day or two.. asks me to save pictures of Lacrosse teams on his floppy disc and thanks me. Found him some. Guess if I was to follow a team I'd go with the New Jersey Storms.. how could I not being a weather chaser. Hey.. I'm learning Cam Bomberry. HAHA you think I'm not knowledgeable about anything but Dolphins, Green Bay and the Boston Red Sox. And.. I know Jai Alai too.

Has anyone ever noticed how similar a Jai Alai sesta is to that thing they use playing LaCrosse.

Is it Lacrosse or LaCrosse? Think small C.

Just rambling. Ed doesn't let me ramble on one site and don't want to ramble on Jim's site where i have more leeway .. either way. That is why I made this board. Blog. So I could be myself.

So...someone calls the library today.

They ask me in spannish if I know the name of this song and then proceed to sing some song. They sound like a woman.. or a man pretending to be a woman or well.. like someone with a hankerchief over the phone. So.. I tell them I can't speak Spannish ... only a little. But, they keep singing something that sounds like I.. want.. I need.. I ... well am sure it was very colorful. The fourth time I managed to get out "no... you sing it nice, can you sing it again" they sort of giggled. I lost it. I mean if they can understand my english why are they singing me in spannish and speaking spannish? Typical.. Friday nonsense on the phones. Cracked me up.. had to put the phone down and my head down to hide while I was laughing.

Will "THEY" ever grow up?

Will "THEY" ever come out from behind the tree?

Will "THEY" ever ever ever ever... ever... get up the guts to sing in person?

okay.. maybe they did.. but we won't go there.. cause who knows?

Just.. sigh...........giggle........... am sure it was a real nice song. Lord only knows what they were singing.

Hurricanes.. there aren't any.

Get over it.

sing ...sing a song

sing it something to last your whole life long

dont worry that its not good enough

for anyone else to hear

just sing... sing a song..

as long as they aint singing the Carpenters I can handle their singing reference questions.

Truth is.. do I NEED "THEM" to come out from behind the tree? Don't think so.

Speaking of trees...took a really nice little picnic today at lunch by the tree where I had the really nice picnic a couple weeks back. Diet Cherry Coke.. and BBQ Potato Chips at 3:30.

Decided that is what I wanted... chips and a diet cherry coke and to watch the canal. just have to do what you want to do and enjoy the moment.

Brian Norcross just gave a very long detailed discussion on the 6 pm news which basically said..

Not Today.

Have a great weekend... have a good shabbos..

If Jay is reading this... I love you, always..

your big sis.. Bobbi


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