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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Tropical Weather Outlook Begins Again Today - EPAC 30% Yellow Severe WXR Today in TX/OK & Carolinas.... Central FL! Mike's Spaghetti Model is the Site of the Day. Hurricane Prep... Just Do It!

Official Start of the TWO Graphics from NHC.
Tropical Weather Outlook
Nothing for 7 days....
Always good to see the graphics up!

As for the EPAC 30% chance
Yellow Circle.

Little orange ball there on sat imagery!

While the Atlantic Hurricane Season begins on June 1st, the Tropical Weather Outlook AKA the TWO begins today. The Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season aka EPAC starts TODAY and there is a 30% chance of something possibly developing, as I have mentioned in previous blogs.

Everyone waits to see the graphic at the top of the page revert back to official NHC graphics for the Hurricane Season, vs the off season graphic. Every weather person views this differently of course, those who have been slammed by a hurricane that chased them to their home or rode out Andrew in a bathtub with a mattress over their head dreads this day, and they order Mylanta or Tagamet whichever works for them on Amazon as their first act of hurricane prep! For the chasers, the trackers and the researchers this is like they can suddenly smell the coffee the lady in the next apartment is brewing, eyes wide open waiting to see what happens next. 

You can compare this to Miami Dolphins NFL fans finding out that the "Fins" 2nd game of the NFL Season we will be hosting the Buffalo Bills on Thursday, September 12th available on Amazon to view! Yes, it's far away but every Fin Fan's heart races a little faster and a smile is on their face, until of course they realize that means we will play Buffalo IN Buffalo later in the season when winter weather could be a messy factor. May I remind everyone that September 12th is fairly close to Prime Time in the Hurricane Season so keep that in mind also. A good example of how weather matters and impacts every part of our lives!

As for the weather today, we are still in Spring Severe Weather Season with several areas highlighted for possible severe storms and or tornadoes!

Center Square on Mike's Page shows today's concerns.
Tx/Ok Panhandles in orange...
Carolinas in Gold
Central FL in it too!

A good reminder that Mike's site has lots of information on it from Hurricane Prep to companies that sponsor him and that give his fans huge discounts on everything from roofing to generators. 

You can see here as well why the EPAC begins early, as the water is warmer and the purple splotches highlight areas to watch on this map, just as the NHC main page gives them a 30%. Note also that there is a purple splotch down the road off the Carolinas. Time will tell. But, by watching these different sites and listening to Mike and others on YouTube and reading this blog you usually get a heads up to anything that might possibly, maybe become something to officially watch for . Try and stay away from sites that say things like "Dangerous Hurricane Season Could Begin with Tropical Trouble in Florida (or Carolinas or GOM) as hyperbole and good alliteration usually is just click bait and attempts to get more hits and followers.  

Lastly, a good read on the NHC main page every day is the long discussion that reads like a tropical travelogue ;) of where there's a fast flow, a dying frontal boundary and even a patch of squally weather in the Eastern Atlantic that the French Weather Bureau is issuing Gale Warnings for and yes I do love alliteration but how it is used is important! See blue highlighted area below.

An example.
Really you will learn much if you read it!
It often "hints" at things that pop up down the road!

Hurricane Site of the Day:
Mike's ....Of Course.
Good place to start....

Proud to have my blog up on the top of the page.
Mike is amazing, been friends forever.
And, he really knows weather.
Especially knows FLORIDA wxr.
So while he'll chase snow in Tennessee.
If you live in Florida he is a MUST to follow!

I'll add a new site every day.
Please do your Hurricane Prep now.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter
Instagram too but not only weather...

As today is a tornado warned day....
...gloing with Carrie Underwood!
Blown Away... 
Love her ;) 
She's from Oklahoma .... 
...they get weather there ;)


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