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Friday, May 10, 2024

Strong Squall Line Races Thru Cities Prone to Early Season Hurricanes. Line Racing Fast East Thru N FL - Carolina Coast Still Getting Storms.


This line is more than half way to Jax.
From Tally to Valdosta Oaks are down.
Power is out.
Everything came together today in a bad way.
Came together FAST and it's on the move.

This region is one that often gets slammed in June with an early Tropical Storm moving in from the Gulf of Mexico creating squall lines that look similar to this and yet today it's a wicked, fast moving complex of severe weather and tornado warned cells. It'll take a little while to sift through the damage reports and see exactly what hit where... but if a limb of your beautiful oak tree is laying across what is left of your car you don't really want to know the details of what happened but how to fix it fast... if possible. 

From St. Marks Florida along the coast to Valdosta and on it's way to Savannah and Jacksonville, severe weather has been wild all week and is happening live as I type. 

Savannah often gets hit by hurricanes that come through the backdoor more than through the front door!

This area in general is one unique area and crosses state lines. North Florida has more in common with parts of Southern Georgia than with South Florida. I know this area well, generations of my family have lived in the Tallahassee/Quincy area.  Many people are moving up there from South Florida to get away from the traffic and other daily troubles of life in paradise; most don't realize they can get more tropical weather directly than Miami does in any given year. And, as we move closer to June (now 22 days away) know we will be looking at this area to see if anything blows up in the Gulf of Mexico that's tropical.

As for the near future...

A stationary front hangs across the South.
I-10 will be a messy drive often.

If a system forms in the Gulf of Mexico or down by the Yucatan ... well low pressure areas are attracted to low pressure and often a set up like this can cause a magnet set up that gets hit once by the stationary front and then again by a weak, early, tropical system.  And, sometimes something forms off the SE coast from the other side of said dead in the water stationary front when an area of weather "like" a tropical wave moves into that area. Lingering low pressure can spin up tropical or subtropical systems this time of year.

Nothing is there now, but models are suggesting there might be something in the end of May to watch in the Atlantic. And, as the Eastern Pacific aka EPAC Hurricane Season begins on May 15th it's more likely even something may try and develop there as we already have convection congregating in all the right places.

IF you didn't get a chance to go to one of the NHC events where they show off their flying machines and explain how everything works, there's a link below to enjoy that gives you a virtual tour. 

As for tropical development.
Several factors to come together.
Keep watching.
But in the meanwhile watch out for Severe Weather.
The Tornado Season has targeted the Dixie Alley often.
And, I'm thinking...... will Hurricane Season!

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!
If you see hurricane supplies on sale somewhere.
Do what you gotta do...

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