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Monday, May 13, 2024

Signs the Tropics Are Waking Up ... Just in Time For Hurricane Season. Are You Ready?

A look at the Close in Regions.

If somethings gonna happen.

It's gonna happen here....

Oh Look!!

As I've been saying for a while, the EPAC looks as if it wants to start up on time this year and development there is possible. Watching areas such as this "Brew" is like having your Nespresso machine set to some odd "Slow Brew" cycle that doesn't exist but if it did it would be exactly like this. This time of year when pieces of energy get into place and signs show up in the environment that we are almost there, things stop and go into slow motion and glide slowly as if it'll never happen and then it does. Last year was an odd season for the EPAC but everything is odd these days so you sometimes gotta go with the flow. Mother Nature knows what she is up to even if we wonder sometimes. 

Severe Weather Season in the South lit up.
Lil dots of color in the EPAC.
The area highlighted above at the top of the blog...
...has the best chance to develop.
Only issue is the atmospheric flow is fast there.

Note how fast the flow is.... 
If something forms it could be interesting.
In the Atlantic basin there's SAL

From Africa to Central America.
It's taking the low road today.
As hot as the Atlantic is it's also dusty.
Cloaked in SAL.
Mitigating factor.
Not ready yet!

But you can see on this map from Windy.
ITCZ set up from EPAC to Africa (low still there)

Tuesday May 21st. (great site)
Area over the South forms into something...
....soemthing happening here.
Does it get attention from NHC
Or do they just let it go?
Sometimes we get Subtropical Storms here.
This time of year.

Just pointing it out the modeling.
Either way area on either side of FL
Commonly can create Home Grown.

As for surprises.... bout those auroras in the Keys.

Sometimes Mother Nature surprises us.
Northern Lights in Florida Keys.
Mike Theiss as always awesome!

Stay tuned....
Totally awesome.

Link for Hurricane Prep.
Who knew Food and Wine had a Hurricane Food Site!
Remember this my friends....
When the power goes out you either have a generator or you don't.
They can be fairly cheap these days tho cheap ones do less.
Then again a cheap one will charge your phone, work a fan or small electric cooking tools.
So some lists will have things like "spaghetti sauce" to go with the pasta you bought.

What I want to highlight here is if you are in an area where a strong hurricane has made landfall, and the general supply chain breaks down and often the first things to arrive to the area are water and ice. It takes a long while for grocery stores to restock, so some supply lists are for when you have power but no where to shop for groceries. Other lists are for how to survive a catastrophic landfall such as an axe to get to the roof in case your neighborhood floods and a small raft... 

Know your area's own unique concerns.
Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter .. mostly weather.


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