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Thursday, May 09, 2024

Do You Already Have Hurricane Supplies ...And Not Remember Where You Put Them? NW Carib Might See Attempts at Tropical Development End of May.


From this we see EPAC is coming alive.
Lower Pressures in GOM
Both GOM & BOC are favorable for June.
This is May.
But looking ahead a bit.

With water temperatures hotter than normal.
We could have a late May/June 1st system.
Kind of a "hey, don't forget Hurricane Season"

Keeping this short today. Basic. Check your home for these supplies before you shop, as you never know what you'll find under the sink or in those hidden places you stash stuff and then forget about it. With cost of living an ongoing issue, it's hard to even think about buying hurricane supplies for a hurricane you doubt you'll ever have but many of these items are around so corral them into a place designated for Emergency, Hurricane Supplies before you even think on shopping.

2 Week Supply of any medicine, OTC or with Rx, that you should have on hand. 
       Especially ALLERGY meds as after a hurricane when there's rotting leaves & debris allergies go crazy.
First Aid Supplies
Put your extra pair of glasses in this spot in case yours break and you can't see without them.
Pillows, blankets, sleeping bags and put your flashlights in with that area.
Did I mention flashlights? Batteries, check if the old batteries work and corral them together.
Battery Powered Radio, Weather Radio.... there are many online with a crank you can crank for power.
Manual Can Opener, very important when the power is out for 3 weeks.
Ice Chest.... it'll keep the ice cold for a while but...without power it won't last long. Still good to have.
Games for children that can't use their Ipad, think crayons, puzzles and card games. 
        After a hurricane without power is a good time to teach them how to play poker :)
Speaking of children.......extra diapers is a must.
Baby Wipes are your friend even if you don't have children using diapers, you will thank me.
Fire Estinguisher.... accidents happen especially when ppl use candles and they do.
LOTS OF PAPER PLATES.... for those 3 weeks without power, don't worry on environment.
      You may not have water to wash dishes so give to a green charity and use paper plates/cups/napkins.
               Pretend you're camping but there's no stream nearby to wash the forks and spoons.
Bleach. Very important for disinfecting purposes.... more on that in later blogs.
Water... store water in used large soda bottles for washing, later fill bathtub for washing.
              Buy bottled water cheap at the Dollar Store or anywhere you find it!
IF it's obvious you are in the path of a hurricane highway this year.... store some gas for emergency.
             At some point during evacuations gas stations run out of gas.
            If you have a grill that uses propane, keep it full. 
Battery Powered Lamps work great and can often be found at the Dollar Store.
Battery powered Tap Lights are great for Emergency and a child afraid of the dark.
Bug Spray as mosquitos breed fast in standing water, you cannot imagine if you've never been through it.

Look around your house and figure out the safest place to ride out the storm.
Inner room or a room with the least windows. 
Closets are good but not if they are near the front door.
Inner hallway, bathrooms and walk in closets are good.

There is a small chance that something may form in the NW Caribbean at the end of the month. That's a nebulous area so may I say forecasts for lowered barometeric pressures in that region at the SW edge of the High Pressure may need to be watched for Home Grown activity. The MDR out in the Atlantic is not ready yet for prime time even though the water is very hot. 

Things often form in that region.
Or try and form.
So Florida, Yucatan.

Time will tell.
Far from now.

Now is your time to prepare.
And see how much you already have in the house.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter 

1st job of Hurricane Season.
Get supplies together.


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