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Thursday, May 16, 2024

16 Days Til Hurricane Season! Will Aletta Form in EPAC? Early African Waves… Severe Wxr Today! Windy.Com Awesome Site!!


Going wide with today.
Yes, my site of the day.

This is the GFS and you can see the golds and a drop of red in the EPAC that may or may not become Aletta the first name on the list in the Eastern Pacific. The blue line that travels across the bottom of this map, from the EPAC, through South America and across the Atlantic to Africa is an early, busy, steady signal from the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone AKA ITCZ.  And, off the SE coastline convection hovers, lingers on Monday May 30th, 2024 and many wonder if the NHC will blink and put up a yellow circle in that area over the next few days. 

I really love because it offers so many options and it's easy to switch between models and as you search around looking for possible tropical development or tornado weather or maybe just looking for the best day to leave to drive down to Florida for a family event. It's awesome in the Winter, but the Hurricane Season is why we are here so ........putting it out there as a site to check out if you don't already. You can use it without being a member, but it's easier for many than other incredible sites I'll mention that have a harder learning curve for newbies. 

On Tuesday Morning.
Looks like Aletta may happen in EPAC.
More a maybe off Carolian coastline.
There's snow in Rocky Mtns.
At high elevations of course.
Beautiful up there, truly.

Using the temperature filter...
With muddy orange/red being HOT
It's worth nothing the Yucatan is hot.
Cuba is hot and adjacent Florida is hot.
Or according to my kids it's HOT HOT HOT

It's worth reminding you that as the land heats up, the water heats up and as water temperatures near the Yucatan, Bay of Campeache and Florida get HOT HOT HOT the chances for tropical development rises exponentially for close in pop up, home grown tropical systems.

So how HOT is the Miami area??

If you click on this image and read through the data, or just read what Jim said here you'll see that Miami broke a record yesterday for mean temperature of 88.5. While you are wondering how important the "Mean Temperature" really is, may I add the record it broke was from 2017! Do I need to remind you how hot the water was and how low the shear was in 2017 and which hurricanes made landfall?


To name just 3!
Look how many there were....
...think how many 2024 could have.
Wind Shear will make or break forecasts.
Stay tuned.

As for today....
Pay attention to your local WXR!!

Thunderstorms popping over Texas this AM!

Sweet Tropical Dreams
@bobbistorm on Twitter.. mostly weather
Instagram who knows?

Had a friend who LOVED this song...
...good song!



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